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5 Best Practices That Will Win You More Customers Through Omnichannel Outsourcing

by Alison Davis

Why outsource omnichannel customer service?

Over the years, customer expectations have drastically changed alongside innovations in technology. With all the platforms and strategies available, businesses are expected to respond to their customers quickly whenever and wherever they.  Are The clamor for better customer experience in a digital-first world has pushed many organizations to leverage omnichannel outsourcing.

Omnichannel customer service aims to stay connected and engaged with customers across different touchpoints, such as calls, chat, email, SMS, mobile apps, and social media. It allows customers to seamlessly engage with a customer service representative on one platform and continue the conversation on another platform.

Building an in-house customer service department, which involves planning, recruitment, and setting up devices and infrastructure, can consume valuable time and resources, especially for startups. Moreso, building an omnichannel customer service division can be very difficult considering the expertise required in handling different channels.

Many companies have found success by outsourcing omnichannel customer service. By partnering with a provider, which is typically offshore, companies get access to customer service professionals who are experienced in the platforms needed. Since providers source talent from countries with low labor costs, companies engaged in outsourcing also get huge cost savings.

Outsourcing companies also offer technology, security, and workspace solutions to support outsourced employees. Current outsourcing models also allow businesses to get customized services, from the size of their team, IT and security setup, work arrangements, shifts and schedules, and even branding opportunities.

In the end, what companies get when they outsource omnichannel customer service are reduced resolution time, personalized customer increased customer satisfaction, greater customer loyalty, and improved reporting and analytics with data. Get all that plus huge savings and more flexibility to scale up or down when needed.

Winning customers through omnichannel outsourcing

Just a quick online search would show you how effective omnichannel outsourcing can be. However, one must remember that outsourcing is not a cure-all magic pill that brings instant results. There is a fair amount of work and strategizing involved to ensure that your outsourced team delivers the results you want to see. Here are some tips to help you make omnichannel outsourcing work.

Provide support for the whole customer journey

Make the most of omnichannel outsourcing by offering support at every customer touchpoint. Make sure your team can assist customers from inquiry, fulfillment, acquisition, order management, to post-purchase support.  Omnichannel customer service does not only mean being present on every platform but also being able to provide any kind of support to customers.

Adopt a centralized system and database

 Because members of your team will be focusing on clients on different platforms, it would be more efficient to get everyone working under a centralized system. Most outsourcing providers include their own management and database systems in their service packages, something you can definitely take advantage of.

Hone leaders for omnichannel functions

Customers see customer service representatives as the face and voice of the company. Essentially, they are a vital part of the brand, which begs for a structure that would allow leaders to ensure the quality of the omnichannel customer service operations. Hone leaders who can embody your business’ brand and lead your team in assisting customers.

Make mobile adaptive channels

More than half of customer requests in the market go through mobile devices. May it is through a company-backed app, social media, or live chat, most customers expect mobile adaptive support. And it’s not just about the mobile adaptive aspect of the service. It’s more of how functional and aesthetically pleasing the interface is.

Leverage on data

Map out the whole customer journey, cull as much data as possible, and get as much insight as you can. With modern software systems, you can easily identify the channels that your customers use most of the time, the type. Of queries they have, and even some demographical information The insights you get can help you focus on which aspect. Of customer service to improve.

An omnichannel approach to customer service is definitely the way to the future and outsourcing this aspect of business will. Only get you to another level, especially when you understand the entire process Outsourcing may sound daunting, but we are. Here to help you learn how it can help you achieve your business goals.

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