What is Space technology?

by Raja Mehar

Space technology is defined as a technology which is used to travel far away from the Earth’s atmosphere, and for many other purposes including space exploration or space flight. Space technology  includes space vehicles such as spacecraft, satellites, space stations and orbital launch vehicles, deep-space communication, in-space propulsion and extensive range of space infrastructure etc. You can also check our article on www.topfakeid.com.

The  environment of space is a fairly narrative environment that undertake to work in it usually requires new techniques and tools

Many common everyday services for global use like   forecasting of weather navigation systems of satellites, remote sensing  satellite television, and some other long-distance communications systems severely depend on the infrastructure of space.


In the course of the 20th century, human beings started the physical investigation of space with the help or support of high altitude balloon flights. Behind time, those balloon flights were replenished by the new advanced technology which includes rocket and space shuttle, etc.

A Russian scientist Yuri Gagarin in 1961 obtained a landmark success by dispatching an unmanned spacecraft to outer space.


There is always a question in my mind that ‘Why are we making satellites for space when there are so many issues to solve here on Earth?’ It is absolutely a logical question. Simply the answer is that we need to go to space to help us here on Earth. Satellites have presented a huge role in developing the state of the world, and will do even more as a bang of technology development which allows large drifts of small satellites to be deployed with underlying new crafts.

The global insurance of satellites offers a completely unique, truth-based view point that can help us to solve our bigger challenges. Information from these spacecraft can help us to upgrade agricultural yields and protect habitat calamity and stop deforestation. They observed the hollow inside the ozone layer and their information or data nowadays remains key to fighting climate change and they’ve supported us to link up the world via the internet and communicate an indefinite service for millions. Satellites present in space have managed much for us so far and in coming years they will suggest much more.

Earth imaging satellites also help the world in ending hunger, helps in providing fresh water by monitoring reservoir water levels and also helping by providing information about climate change.

Communications satellites

Provides Good Health and Quality Education:

About 50% of Earth’s people have access to the internet. A global network of communications satellites, developed by Space companies, could provide internet connection to a majority of people, especially to those who live in remote regions where infrastructure and development is rare. With access to the internet comes increased knowledge sharing the advantages of the best teachers and doctors through tele-medicine and education and greater communication.

Well we need to go to space because we are on Spaceship Earth and to take care of it we need to understand it and understand much better how we interact with it.

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