what is bloom in games

What is BLOOM in video Games Graphics Settings?

by Raja Mehar
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Bloom in video games is a new technology, when all graphics settings of games are considered. It is considered as a compulsory feature in new video games. But, what is bloom in video games?

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Understanding what bloom does is, very beneficial for getting the best possible graphics quality and performance from your games. Specially, if your PC is not of very high specs.

So, with that in mind, this article is going to cover the following topics regarding bloom in video games graphics settings:

  • What is Bloom in Games
  • Should you turn it OFF or ON in your games

So, let’s begin discussing them one by one:

What is BLOOM in Games

What bloom basically does is that, it increases the luminosity of light source in the game. Whether that light source is sun in an open environment of an open world game, or light bulb in a room.

It is also sometimes called light bloom or glow.

The goal behind implementing this effectin video games is to make the light source look more realistic , just like we see them in real world.

It adds a new level of authenticity to realism in the game, as the light from light source touches trees etc. in the game and create a rather realistic and pleasant effect.

what is bloom in games

Bloom in most games is not implement correctly and does not produce the necessary effects.

However, as shown in screenshot from Witcher 3 – The Wild Hunt, bloom effect is implement almost perfectly.

By looking at the picture, you might think turning bloom OFF looks better, as you can see the sun too, but that is not realistic. In real life, you cannot look at the sun directly and see it. Yes, you can during sunset, but not when sun is right on top of your head.

In above screenshot, you can see that by looking into sun with bloom OFF, it seems like you are looking at wall, but with the effect turned ON, the sun seems like it is producing light in an organic way. As the sun light seems through grass and other objects, it creates a rather realistic and beautiful effect.

In the end, it is up to player whether he wants to keep it ON or OFF, but nevertheless it creates realistic rendering of light in games.

For games where it is is not implemented well, it creates over saturation of white light, and objects become too shiny, rendering them lifeless. So, the bloom effect kind of depends on implementation of it.

Should you turn it OFF or ON in your Games?

Apart from witcher 3, other titles where it is implemented really well, are Legend of Zelda – Breath of the wild, Assassins Creed Origins, Assassins Creed Odyssey etc.

For these titles, we recommend turning it ON. It does not need much VRAM too and can work pretty well on low GPU memory.

Syndicate and a lot other games here a in this list have implemented the bloom effect very poorly. So, we suggest you turn it OFF while playing these games.


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What is NeuraLink?

Bloom is used not only in computer games. For example, the manufacturer of Microgaming casinos began to use this technology in their products as well.

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