what is a charter school

What Is A Charter School?

by Raja Mehar

Charter schools are independently run private or public schools. Although they are aligned with the state school system, they do not share the same curriculum and allow for the utmost flexibility for students and families. As these schools curate their own programming, students are able to choose what classes and methods of instruction work best for their lifestyle. Whether your child is in advanced ballet lessons or your family moves around for work, charter schools allow for remote learning and customized classes.

Around for nearly 30 years, charter schools have gained significant interest over the last few years as more families are seeking learning opportunities that fit with how they live their lives. More than 2 million children currently attend charter schools around the country. Each state has their own designation broken up into districts like the California charter schools.

What Do Charter Schools Offer?

Charter schools are designed to allow choice and variety for students and families with various needs. Each child is different, why shouldn’t education reflect this. California charter schools offer a number of different programming from independently led learning to completely remote education.

Each charter school brings with it something unique from STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) focused classes to bilingual learning. 

Families Can Decide What Program Fits Their Needs.

California charter schools offer exceptional education without a rigorous curriculum schedule. That way, your child can focus on their interests and goals without feeling tied to their desk. From homeschooling support to in-person studying, there is a program for everyone.

What Are The Benefits Of a Charter School?

Variety: Learning doesn’t have to be boring. Students and parents can customize their education programs to suit their interests and long-term goals. Through this adaptable schedule, students can avoid the monotony of the same classes every day.

Flexibility: Education shouldn’t have a cookie-cutter approach. California charter schools understand that commitments like sports or music often take up significant portions of the day and school needs to be adaptable to this routine.

Quality: Smaller class sizes and availability to connect with teachers mean that children receive an exceptional education. This level of attention is not often seen in traditional schools and allows students to work through their lessons at their own pace while being able to access resources should they need them. 

What Are Some Of The Programs Available?

Online Learning:

Entirely remote, online learning resources mean that “class” can be accessed from anywhere at the student’s convenience. This is a great option for children who have time commitments during the day in music or sports.

It’s also an ideal program for families that travel or move frequently for work. This service allows for high-quality education without long hours of the day spent in a classroom. Each lesson plan can be tailored to individual needs.

Learning Centers:

These spaces allow for children who are homeschooled to attend in-person programming. Both classes and workshops are available for students to meet others and work on projects. California Charter Schools have learning centers available in different areas of the state.

These support centers allow children to expand their learning parameters.

Career and College Prep:

These self-paced programs allow students to independently study and focus on their particular areas of interest. From internships to online learning, this program is a great option for students who have a specific goal in mind for their careers. Students meet with their teachers during the week to check-in and ensure that they are on the correct course of study.


California charter schools offer support and services to families that choose to homeschool their children. Through adaptable programming and a wide range of subjects, students will feel engaged and empowered by the ability to choose their school trajectory.

Families should carefully consider the options available and decide what is most important to them when it comes to schooling. Whether that’s one-on-one attention or an extremely adaptive program, parents and students should discuss what they want most out of education.

Learning shouldn’t stand in the way of long-term goals and that is why California charter schools have worked so hard to create an environment that nurtures individual needs.

California charter schools allow for a diverse and esteemed education without sacrificing the unique needs of each student. From competitive soccer to professional level violin, your child’s interest should come first. Education doesn’t have to try to fit into a box. Through flexible learning, children and parents will be able to develop an education system that is right for them.

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