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US Travel Advisory To Level 2 For India  

by Raja Mehar

As the situation in India improved considerably, the United States declared on 23 August that it would decrease the United States travel advice to level 2: moderate in terms of India. This conclusion comes after CDC has shown the average amount of Covid-19 in South Asia.

The Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) Earlier this year, the United States put India in level 4, warning its people not to go from America to India due to an extraordinary increase in the number of cases in Covid-19 throughout the country. Even you have to maintain the safety protocol to travel on cheap flights to India.

The truth is, traveling to India is not very expensive compared to the US, if you are planning. All you need to be is a little vigilant to be able to keep a certain factor in mind, and then do the booking. We can assure you, this way you can never go wrong.

In July, The US has improved India travel advisory to level three, recommending that citizens consider traveling again. On 5 May, the CDC issued a travel health notice for India. Your risk for contracting COVID-19 and developing some symptoms can be lower if you are entirely vaccinated with the FDA Authorized Vaccine.

Reviewing a CDC’s specific and detailed recommendations for unvaccinated or vaccinated travelers before visiting internationally is essential. You have to reconsider the travel to India in the midst of COVID-19.

The US gives Level 2 Travel advisory: Moderate Level of life-threatening covid 19.

The State Department of Travel advisory of the US mentioned some key things to follow after and before traveling from the USA to India. Which includes:

  • You have to be entirely vaccinated before visiting India.
  • Even after getting vaccinated, you can be affected by covid 19, so you should avoid non-essential travel. But if you have real concerns and require travel, you should consult your doctor properly.
  • Travelers exposed to covid 19 have to be isolated immediately and should wait for the results for traveling.
  • Travelers have to follow the guideline of India, including maintaining social distance and wearing masks.

Before Travel

For international travel, You have to follow the essential rules of airlines and the specific destination related to travel, quarantine, and testing. If you fail to follow the needs, you might be denied arrival to your destination.

During travel time:

It is very much essential to follow the regulations and rules to ensure safety measures during traveling. You have to wear your mask over your mouth and nose, and it is the main requirement all-time on each form of any public transportation such as planes, buses, trains, etc. During traveling out or within the United States. It is also essential to maintain social distancing rules in transportation hubs such as stations and airports.


With this travel advisory lowering to level two and the US citizens to visit India with specific safety rules. Now it remains to be seen which will the US entirely erase restrictions imposed on the travelers from India at the beginning of the deadly 2nd wave, which caused more than three lakhs daily new cases of coronavirus being appeared. You can find a lot of websites to search for cheap flights to India.

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