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Unveiling the Gaming Secret: The Ultimate Guide for PUBG Crates

by Raja Mehar

Gaming today is not just aiming, shooting, being alive, and winning. It is much more than that. It is also a fashion parade with a range of clothing items, cosmetics, weapon skins, and much more.

In PUBG, there are crates that offer different sets of clothes, weapon skins, and cosmetics to avatars of different players. You can buy these either by spending your BPs (Battle Points) that you earn in-game by killing other opponents, defeating them, and staying alive for a long, or by purchasing them on Steam Community Market in exchange for several hundred dollars. These PUBG crates get updated on a regular basis so you don’t get bored of your avatar’s wardrobe, weapons, and overall look.

If you are new to PUBG or the gaming world and are not well-versed with the crate system, this guide is for you. We will be discussing how PUBG crates work, how you can buy them, how much each of them costs, what you can expect from them, and a secret cheat code associated with them.

How to Earn PUBG Crates

You probably already know that there are two ways to earn PUBG crates – first, through Battle Points, and second, through Steam Community by spending actual money. You can earn BP or Battle Points by killing your opponents and staying in the game for a long.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds crates cost more BP after every subsequent crate that you earn in a week. This helps maintain the rarity of items. Also, you can only buy up to 6 PUBG crates in a week. The prices of each crate that you can buy in a week are –

First crate – 700 BP

Second crate – 1,400 BP

Third crate – 2,800 BP

Fourth Crate – 4,200 BP

Fifth Crate – 5,600 BP

Sixth Crate – 7,000 BP

When you buy a crate for your BPs, it is not up to you to decide which crate you get and whether it is a free one or requires a key to open. However, you can opt to buy the latest crates, which are much more expensive than the prices mentioned above.

The second option of buying a crate is through Steam Community wherein you need to spend your actual money. The price of every crate varies here because it is determined by the seller of the crate.

Crates and Their Keys

Currently, there are a total of 11 different PUBG crates that you can purchase and open. These are a mix of those that need a key and those that can be opened free of cost.

  1. Aviator Crate
  2. Biker Crate
  3. Desperado Crate
  4. Equinox Crate
  5. Fever Crate
  6. Gamescom Invitational Crate
  7. Militia Crate
  8. Raider Crate
  9. Survivor Crate
  10. Triumph Crate
  11. Wanderer Crate

Many (but not all) of these crates need a special tool, called a key to unlock the crate that it is meant for. Also, not every key can unlock any type of crate. A key is meant to unlock only a specific crate. For example, you cannot unlock the Fever Crate using the Aviator key.

Among these crates, there are six that need a key to be opened. Desperado Crate, Fever Crate, and Gamescom Invitational Crate can be opened with the Early Bird Key. Triumph Crate and Equinox Crate can be unlocked with the Weapons Skin Key. And, the Aviator Crate can be opened using the Aviator Key.

Similar to crates, there are two ways of buying keys to unlock crates. Though you cannot buy them with BP, all these keys to unlock PUBG crates can be bought in-game with real-life currency, for $2.50 each. The other place that you can get these keys from is again Steam Community, where prices vary depending upon the seller.

Rewards in PUBG Crates

If you are a newbie and are still wondering if you get some sort of superpowers with these crates, then you are wrong. These crates just provide you with cosmetic items like jackets, gloves, hoodies, shirts, shoes, headwear, skirts, trousers, sunglasses, and masks.

However, there are some of these things that are considered rare in the game. The rarer the item, the more expensive it is on Steam Community. The color of the item decides its rarity. Starting from the rarest to least rare, here is the color coding of the rarity of each item –

  • Red
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Grey

The chances of getting a rare red item are minimal whereas those in the green or grey range are maximum. However, there is a small trick that can help you get some rare gifts each time you open a crate.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Open Crates?

A VPN helps you change your online location, hide your identity, and surf securely over the internet. It lets you play games in a disguised form by letting you choose a remote server to connect to.

It is the IP address of this remote server that is visible to everyone on the internet, making you look like accessing the web from a different location altogether. Hence, your original location and identity are concealed.

Now, all the items in crates are distributed evenly across the globe. So, every country has an equal number of rare items on their crates. But your chances of getting a rare gift can drastically increase if you are located in a country where the population playing PUBG is limited.

So, if you open crates with a VPN, you can easily trick the internet into believing that you are located in a region where there are less number of people playing PUBG. Hence, you enhance your chances of getting a rare gift in your crate. Some of the countries that are considered best for opening crates using a VPN are – Mexico, Indonesia, Kuwait, Thailand, UAE, and Germany.

Moreover, a VPN also helps you in accessing PUBG if you are located in a country where the game is banned, such as China, Nepal, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and more by changing your virtual location to a country where the game isn’t geo-blocked.


Crates are a great way of styling your avatar in PUBG. You can buy several accessories and clothes using crates and their keys. There are two ways of buying them, either in-game or on the Steam Community.

However, if you are planning to purchase your crates and their keys on Steam Community, be wary of different prices as you might end up overpaying for a crate or a key.

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