types of software testing

John Ruskin, artist from Victorian era once said ” Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort”. Modern world is completely governed by machines and those machines are governed by softwares controlling them. Now, for proper working of modern world those softwares need to operate on their designed levels. So, Quality Assurance or Software Testing is crucial because it identifies errors or bugs from a system at the beginning. 

So, with that in mind, following info-graphic will provide you the basic and concise knowledge about software testing and various types of software testing.

types of software testing

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The importance of software testing in software development industry can never be overstated. Software testing has following benefits to the software product and the entire company or organization as whole:

  • SAVES COST: Verifying that the product runs properly before it is delivered to customers saves the company from various expanses in the long run. Because it highlights the bugs or errors present in the software during the development stage and rectifying them is very easy.
  • SECURITY: This is the most sensitive and vulnerable part of software testing. Users are always looking for trusted products that they can rely on. It helps in removing problems and risks beforehand. :
  • IMPROVES PRODUCT QUALITY: In order to make your product vision come to life, it has to work as planned. It is important to follow the product requirements because it helps you get the required end results and software testing makes it easy to track your progress with respect to designed specifications.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: The ultimate goal for a product owner is to give the best customer satisfaction.  Software needs be tested in order to bring the best user experience possible.

You can read more about the benefits by reading this awesome article on benefits of software testing by Gauss Development.

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