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Twitch for Education? – All the Possibilities To Explore Except Gaming

by Raja Mehar

Twitch is emerging as a whole new user interface experience. The platform is designed to be fun. Entertaining experience where you can stream games. Talk about interesting topics and even individually play a virtual game. 

Twitch is categorized as the best game-streaming platform because of its widely-loved features like life and recorded broadcasting. The exclusivity that each creator offers. The opportunity for people to sell using affiliate marketing links and earn that extra-pocket expense for themselves. 

What’s So Special About Twitch? 

The app is easy to use and streamers similarly receive their commission as other social-media creators do. As a viewer. It gives you the freedom to ask questions during live streams. Comment on the content and save the streams you liked the most in case you didn’t get the time to watch a live session. 

Twitch is iOS and android friendly so the maximum number of users can benefit from this amazing platform. 

The company has also launched a mobile-friendly interface just to reduce that extra hassle of opening your windows or Mac. Doesn’t that sound like a dream for once? 

Twitch has a subscription-based operating strategy. So if you find yourselves much indulged in this platform don’t hesitate to go for this option because it literally starts from $4 a month. 

Subscriptions not only benefit the viewers but also helps the creators get paid for their extra-efforts. The feature, just like Spotify gives you an ad-free experience as well as opens the doorway to some of the exclusive and special features like chat badges, emoticons and some tricks/rewards the streamers have kept as a secret sauce to their success. 

You can easily start your journey on Twitch. If needed go rewards the streamers have kept as a secret sauce to their success. 

If you are a passionate gamer and want to start your journey but do want to deal with the prolonged duration it takes to create an audience. You can buy Twitch followers from a trusted site (for the initial boost. 

Is Twitch Really For Educators? 

Yes, we know this sounds like a click-bait set up. But if you’re still reading this article. You probably trust us or the technological advancements taking place in the current world. The sweet answer to this question is, YES. 

Twitch is modeled to improve user engagement and beyond being a gaming platform it is also a Creative hub where you can teach skills like art, cooking, music and much more. 

You can set up a class for live-stream on Twitch which will eventually allow you to interact in a fun way while sharing all that information and skills to your students. 

The place allows an effortless and speedy live chat feature that makes sure that you don’t leave behind a single concern of your audience. This results in a smoother session than the rest of the platforms. 

As an educator you can integrate games and education in a very engaging manner. You can conduct different quizzes and even monitor the progress that all your students have made so far. 

Through this platform. Students will enjoy the learning process and we are sure you’ll love teaching them the subjects. 

How is Twitch an Interesting Platform For Education 

Twitch is all about socializing, and that’s what youth these days craves for. If they get this facility combined with education. That too in such an appealing way. They will be more attentive throughout the session rather than just muting themselves up during a regular online-class.

You can share live. Virtual images and various photographs to make the study session better. Various elements like characters and numbers in motion can be used during class as well. 

Through emotes. Students can represent their true feedback in a light-hearted manner. According to research on emotional intelligence. When we show our feedback through visual aids. We are far more emotionally connected than usual. 

Teaching on Twitch is always a better option than apps like zoom if you are facing a low attendance rate in your classroom. The more emotional engagement you can add up to your session, the better it gets. 

Twitch is usually an open platform which means you don’t need a login id and all those technology jargons we usually face in related apps. 

At the end of the hour virtual session. You can either introduce a feedback form or a test to get a fair idea of the engagement rate of students. 

There are many people on Quora who have shared their stories about how teaching a so-called boring subject like Math on Twitch changed the whole overview of the students. 

The students get an opportunity to enter a learning arena which lies at just the right distance from real-time experiences and theoretical data. 


You can tell from the above objectives that Twitch is an amazing platform if you want to revolutionize your teaching method and change the viewpoint of your students towards education in general.

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