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How to Pass PMP, and Scrum master project management exams in a smart way

by Alison Davis

Tips For Studying In How To Pass PMP?

Studying for the Pass PMP or Scrum Master Project Management Certification Exam is not an easy task. With a lot of information to cover, it can be tough to cover everything you need to learn in time before taking the exam. Many project managers are still struggling to pass PMP certification and Scrum Master (SSC)exams. One of the most common questions we get from our students is how to pass these certification exams in a smart way. It’s logical that after doing a lot of research and buying a training course, you may not see the fruits of your labor. This is because unless you have someone who can help you with the PMP or SCRUM exam preparation, it can be difficult to go through the massive amount of preparation material by yourself.

So if you are aspiring to pass the exam and become a certified project manager, then this article provides you with strictly honest and practical tips that can help you pass the test.

Some common mistakes during the preparation of project management certification exams

Have you heard how many people fail the PMP exam? There are over 200,000 people taking the exam in a given year, and only about 45,000 of them pass. That’s roughly over 20% of test-takers failing. Before heading next, first, we should know about the common mistakes made by most of the aspirants while preparing for the PMP, and Scrum Master certification exam.

1:Terrible time management

2:Less work experience

3: Lack of psychological preparedness

4: unavailability of a coach/mentor

5: Lack of availability of good study materials

I know many people who gave the PMP and Scrum Master certifications exams. Some of them passed the exam. But the majority failed to do so. Why? The answer to this question lies in the above-mentioned points.

Here, I am going to discuss some valuable tips for you, so that you can pass the PMP, and Scrum master certification exam in a smart way.

How to pass PMP and Scrum master certification exam in a smart way

Understand the PMI Exam Format

Foremost, understand the format of the exam you want to take. Without accessing it, you can’t pass this exam either PMP or Scrum Master certification exam.


Constant practice is the key to passing PMP and Scrum master project management certification exams. As you go through the concepts, read them, take notes and write down questions that you think could be on an exam. If you have friends who are also preparing for these exams, invite them over for an evening of practice questions and answers.

Take a look at topics on the exam website

Take a look at the list of topics listed on the exam website and prepare a study guide for yourself. Include every topic listed in your study guide, so that you don’t miss out on any topics during preparation.

Sign up for a course from a reputed platform

You will find plenty of free courses available online, but these can be extremely time-consuming during preparation. If you have money to spare, consider signing up for a course from a reputed institution/ website. A well-structured course can help you save a lot of time while preparing for the exam. There are platforms/websites that are offering courses like PMP, scrum master certification exam courses, and more.

Prepare your own notes

When you are revising your notes or preparing new ones, do not fall into the trap of copying and pasting content from other sources. While adding new information to your notes is great, it is important to put it down in your own words so that when it comes time to memorize everything; it becomes easier to comprehend what you are going through.

Take sample tests

Practice makes a man perfect, this quote is heard by all of us. Before appearing in the actual exam, you should take sample tests to make yourself familiar with the exam layout. Doing this can significantly increase your chances of passing.

Final verdict

If you have desired to pass PMP, and Scrum mastercertification exam, then there is finally a smart way to do so on your very first try. Just a little preparation would be enough to get you ready to appear in the exam. Just use the above guideline, and you are aware that you are going to pass the exam and become a certified Project Manager or Scrum Master. And after that you will feel proud of yourself for the rest of your life for everyone will appreciate your position in the field of project management.

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