Things to Know about Assisted Living for Your Elderly Parents

Things to Know about Assisted Living for Your Elderly Parents

by GM Malik
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As a child to elderly parents who can no longer look after themselves. You might be looking in their best interest by choosing assisted living.

Most people want to age at home and don’t want to go somewhere else. Who doesn’t like to be home? But – as we age, we cannot rely entirely on hourly caregivers as it can add a lot of stress.

With a good assisted living community, you have a social component, a cost-saving component. And an assistance component – the kind of assistance that shows up when you need it with the help of the best emergency call systems assisted living facilities.

If you look at it – assisted living is a more efficient way to spend your money as opposed to having 24-hour care at home.

Communication is Crucial

When it comes to assisted living, communication is crucial. When talking to your parents, you will want to ensure that you fully understand what it must be like to be in their situation. This aspect is also known as empathy.

You will want to put on their shoes and better understand where they are coming from. You will also want to allow your parents to talk about their positives and negatives and explain the types of challenges they have been going through.

Summarize their problems and present them with the best and worst case of possible solutions. Instead of demanding that your parents go to assisted living. You will want to empathize and suggest by telling them that you think that it would be in their best interest to opt for assisted living.

Assume Guardianship to Help Your Elderly Parents Who Refuse Assisted Living

Sometimes parents refuse to opt for assisted living facilities. It can happen when parents become a hazard to themselves to the point where you want them to move to assisted living, but they don’t want to move.

Of course, you can convince them to move and make it their own idea in the best scenario. Suppose you are a power of attorney, medical power of attorney. And financial power of attorney for your parents – even then, you cannot force them to move.

The underlying reason is that as a power of attorney. You are supposed to act in conjunction with the person – your parents in this case. Your parents aren’t giving up anything; they just allow someone else to act on their behalf.

So, if they really won’t move and despite you attempting to convince them to move and they won’t do it, then it is probably time for court intervention. This aspect often requires something known as guardianship, which could be limited guardianship.

As the child of your parents, you can go to court and tell them that your parents are no longer safe to be by themselves, which is why you need to move them and get them out of their house and into assisted living facilities or memory care (whatever the case might be) for their own safety.

In this case, the court is more likely to agree and appoint you as the guardian, which then allows you to move your parents out of the house.

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