The Importance of Gun Control Laws

The Importance of Gun Control Laws

by GM Malik

Gun control refers to the enforcement and legislation of measures that restrict access, use, or possessions of firearms. As you can imagine, this is one of the most controversial topics on a global level. Especially in countries where it is easy to become a gun owner. 

The Situation around the World

Today, each country has the authority to regulate firearms within the borders. Countries have a different approach toward this. Japan, for example, has restrictions on possession of all firearms with small exceptions (for research, hunting, and athletic events). Canada allows it for target practice and competitions, as well as for self-defense. The UK has taken an entirely different approach and banned them altogether. 

Other countries are much more liberal in this matter. In Germany you can own a certain firearm if you are 18 years or older and have knowledge in handling a firearm. In the US, every adult can apply for a firearm, but there are plenty of laws under the Scientific American Gun Control. US gun laws vary greatly from one state to the next one. In Kansas, citizens can carry firearms in public. In California, this is not allowed, and guns have to be kept in gun safes or have trigger locks while in the homes. 

Even though there are plenty of laws put in place, there are still many issues that come with giving permits to firearms to citizens. If you check gun control essays, you can learn a lot about what has changed over the years, and what needs to be fixed even today. And if you need to write a paper on it, the solution is to hire a writer from Edubirdie. They have experts on controversial topics like this one, and you can easily get your paper by saying ‘write my essay for me’ on their website. 

By reading pro gun control articles, you can get more familiar with the laws at the moment and the discrepancies in the legal system. There’s still a lot to be done in this matter. If we are to ask ‘does gun control work’, the answer would be ‘to some extent’. Events in history show us that there’s a lot to be done. 

If we were to ask this question, the answer wouldn’t be a sound yes. 

Why Is Gun Control Important?

Unfortunate gun-related events happen all the time despite the many new laws enforced in the world. Not so long ago, 19 elementary school children and their 2 teachers were killed by a young man, armed with a rifle, who decided to fire in their school. 

This killing spree opened up the question on how detailed and good the current gun control laws are. In states like Texas, it’s extremely easy to buy and carry a gun in the open. Because of this, President Biden demanded a new reform hours after the shooting. While progun politicians spoke of arming teachers to build safer schools, opponents of the idea once again pointed out to the big gaps in gun control laws.  

The solution to such issues isn’t to arm more people such as the teachers. It’s rather to spend more time creating laws and regulations that would make it harder to buy a gun. If buying a gun is more regulated and restrictive, not everyone could get a firearm and harm others. 

Let’s remember the devastating day when a white supremacist killed 10 people in a grocery shop in Buffalo. If this person wasn’t able to get a gun as easily, he probably wouldn’t have the opportunity to do this. 

Guns kill more people than auto accidents every year. This makes it a big problem, and the need for stricter gun control laws is alarming. This is why many countries in the world have banned the everyday carrying of guns and do not give the right to own a gun to the public except in special circumstances. 

What Can Be Changed?

While there are some reasons why guns should be available for safety reasons, this is not a reason to hand them to just anyone. For a long time, research for gun control has been poorly funded and infrequent. For example, people who are convicted of violent crimes can legally get a firearm in many states today. Laws could do grand changes to reduce shootings and lower deaths if only we could fix the current regulations and eliminate the big loopholes that exist right now.

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