How To Take Care of Linen Properly

by Alison Davis

These days, linen clothes have become trendy, not only because of their elegant and gorgeous style but because it is one of the most sustainable fibers. Consumers are well-aware of the situation of landfills made by the fast fashion industry. That’s why we are more careful with the garments we buy, it is also best to take care of them properly.

Linens are the most eco-friendly textile material and are even used in home coverings. It is a common misconception among people that linen needs special care. If you are unsure how to properly take care of your linen clothes and home coverings, let us help.

Skip the dry cleaning.

You can bring your linens to the laundry service but skip the dry cleaning service. Well-manufactured and treated linens can be hand washed or thrown into the machine. You can even dry them on low-temperature settings. But, always check the care instructions on the item to ensure that any cleaning method you are about to do does not damage it.

Pre-treat linen immediately.

Some of us are impatient to pre-treat the stains on our clothes, so we immediately send them to the laundry delivery service. The number one rule when your clothes are stained, no matter the fabric material is to pre-treat them immediately to avoid the stain from seeping further.

If the clothes had a minor stain, you can soak them with a liquid detergent and gently massage them with your fingers to loosen the stain. Always use the gentle machine cycle and use mild laundry detergent when washing your linens. Do not put too much detergent on the load.

If the stain removal does not work, you can ask for help from professionals.

Do not bleach linens and skip fabric softeners.

It is not always the best choice to use bleach and brighteners on your clothes. Its weakens the fibers and may cause color bleeding or discoloration. It is best to use natural ingredients to remove stubborn stains if you are dealing with stains.

Fabric softeners can also damage the linens as it contains harsh chemicals that weaken the fibers. It is better to use white vinegar to soften the materials.

Properly store linens in the cabinet.

There is no need to iron your linen clothes. Unless it developed creases or wrinkles, you have to steam your linen clothes.

When you put away your linens, whether home coverings or clothes, it is best to store them properly, make sure that your cabinets are dry and well-ventilated to avoid your clothes from getting wrinkled. Do not overcrowd your cabinet. Avoid putting away your linens in a plastic bag, and it does not give proper ventilation to your linens.

Washing linen beddings and clothing are quite the same. The same rules apply, you just have to ensure that you read the wash care label instructions on the items to provide the appropriate care. It is best to launder the bedding and clothing separately. Mixing them with heavy items may cause creases.

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