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Switch-Research Your Content: Stop Googling Everything

by Raja Mehar

The content platforms are plenty in number and researching is never a hassle if you keep aside the concept of Plagiarism. The Internet is full of rare ideas. People doing all sorts of contemporary things to make their visibility go worldwide. While you can think of it as an opportunity to make your mark on the world. There’s another aspect to it. You probably guessed it right, It’s plagiarism. Sometimes you don’t even know what you are trying to execute might be performed by someone else already in the same manner, style, or form. 


At the beginning of your YouTube channel. You can find your unique area of interest. Start creating, sometimes buy YouTube likes to boost your credibility similarly. Setting up a blog site comes with the vigorous posting of blogs with a systematic consistency.

While creating content. All of the creators do their research from almost the same platforms. Deal with the same time constraints and hold similar resources of information. Still some make it so far and above while the others are shoved in the category of mimics. Have you ever wondered what separates the two? What exactly goes right in the first case and what the second faction needs to change if they want to join the first half? The simple answer to this is ‘research methods’. The way you research for your content is a game-changer. The sweet spot here is your research pattern. The secret sauce that we’re going to discuss in this article is a methodology to absorb all the information around you and curate it in the best possible manner. 


Austin Kleon, in his book ‘, Steal like an Artist’ states that there’s nothing different about information, it’s the same fact, same story, same art. But how you utilize the springboard curated by your favourite artists to find your unique voice matters the most. 

Keeping that in mind. Here are 3 ways to curate your content in a manner that stays unique and ever-green. 

Three Ways To Curate Your Content

Use a Different Platform For Research

This is as simple as it sounds. If you want to keep pushing your boundaries. You gotta make a label that inspires. Some days you’re lucky and find an idea you’re already quite knowledgeable about. The other days you’ll have a tough time finding the engaging ideas. Because everything good would seem to be already taken. For a quick example: Suppose you are a blogger who writes extremely inspiring articles. Out of the blue you face a creative block and don’t quite know what to write about it. You have searched for all that unique ideas and it seems like there is plenty of information out there. In such cases, sometimes, giving up doesn’t do any good. You’re already facing a block so you should be consistent with your work. 

Now, here’s the thing, you can try switching platforms. If you feel like there’s a point of over-saturation on Google, try YouTube instead. If you can not find that quality chunk of knowledge over YouTube. Go for Reddit or Quora. Just don’t limit yourself to what has already been published officially. 

There’s a wealth of content out there and all you need to do is to learn more about how tapping on the right areas work. 


About 60% of the world’s businesses depend on social media sites these days. You can try doing polls on your Instagram to figure out what the trends are. You can try community building and collaboration from creators all across the different spectrums to learn more about the skills and expertise you were unaware of. Again, You can tweet something in regards to an ongoing debate and use people’s reactions and behavior as a foundation for building your blog. All of these prove to be super helpful especially if you are a beginner and face trouble finding a sweet spot.

Go Through Ultimate Guides

This is an exercise only a few bloggers can practice but if you incorporate products or service-based solutions on your websites and your blogs revolve around finding the perfect solution to your readers’ issues, you can read guides about the product off-line as well and assemble all the key learnings in your blog. This will not only help your reader understand the features of what you are suggesting to them in a better way but they will also feel a personalised connection with you because you have dared to go all deep and researched their issues thoroughly. 


Putting together a piece of content is not as easy as it may sound to many, outlining various myths, having a clear idea of what your insights might trying to suggest to you and improving yourself for the same while preparing a bigger challenge are already some of the major hurdles you need to overcome if you want to succeed. Don’t get all caught up in researching, try new methods, add quizzes to your posts and stop-googling about every idea that strikes your brain.

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