Reputation House: How To Manage Your Reputation in Search Engines

by Raja Mehar

If you don’t actively manage your reputation in search engines. You have no control over the results a potential client may see. When entering queries related to a company or individual, a user or client may come across unreliable information and negative reviews. This naturally results in less conversion and a decrease in income, and sometimes even to a complete loss of business.

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Reputation House knows a thing or two about the importance of managing a company’s image in search engines. For more than 10 years the agency has been engaged in reputation management in the online space. Improving the positioning and image of both brands and individuals.

The effectiveness of the company’s work is evidenced by the expansion of its presence in the global market. It currently has 8 offices in different countries, and its staff exceeds 200 people worldwide. The secret of their success lies in the fact that it uses not only the best specialists, but also cutting-edge solutions based on artificial intelligence.

The Statistics Speak for Themselves

According to recent studies, 65% of buyers trust information from the internet when choosing a business. With that in mind, let’s look at a hypothetical. You might find that 15 people will share a negative opinion about a business while only 11 will leave positive reviews. Reputation House pays special attention to the psychology of consumers. Now imagine that to form a trusting attitude to a business customers need to read at least 7 reviews.

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If the search results are filled with negativity. The probability of a successful conversion will tend towards zero. This is convincingly evidenced by such data presented by Reputation House.

For 60% of customers, negativity in the online space was the reason for refusing the services of companies.

85% of people, online opinions are as important as personal recommendations.

For 49% of consumers, a minimum 4-star rating is needed for them to make a brand choice.

Just one extra star in a Yelp rating increases business conversion by 9%.

Knowing this, how do you take control of the online space and attract and retain potential customers? Luckily, There are technologies that allow you to shape your search results and leave the correct impression. Using SERM, Reputation House allows you to bring credible and positive information about your business to the first page of search results.

We are talking specifically about the first page because only 5% of people go to the second page when searching online. Also, the resources that occupy the first position in a search get 31.7% of traffic in Google. The platform that controls 75.34% of the world’s search traffic.

Goals and Objectives of SERM: Reputation House Shares its Experience

SERM stands for Search Engine Reputation Management. The purpose of the tool is to ensure that when people search for information about a brand or person. They see the maximum amount of positive results and the minimum amount of negative results. It can be compared to similar procedures which are necessary to maintain and keep a person or business’s image clean on the internet.

At Reputation House, they emphasize that SERM technologies are designed specifically for search engines. The agency’s specialists monitor the sites from the top 10 Google results and push out those pages that contain negative or inaccurate information about a business or individual.

The use of SERM in Reputation House Brings Several Benefits At Once

Increasing sales: Profit directly depends on a company’s image on the internet.

Increasing demand for goods and services that are already in the product line.

Attracting new customers: Seeing a lot of positive opinions in the online space, a person will be interested in the company’s offer and possibly become a customer.

Generating demand for those products that are just entering the market.

Neutralizing “dark PR”: According to Reputation House’s experience, reviews, articles with a negative tone are often the result of competitors’ efforts.

SERM is a Comprehensive Approach to Reputation Management

Creating a positive image on the Internet requires a whole set of measures. Displacement of negativity requires not only knowledge of SEO-Optimization. Tut also understanding of the rules of working with search engines and various Internet resources.

At Reputation House, SERM is Divided Into Three Main Stages

Analysis: Agency specialists study the strengths and weaknesses of an online image, including all the information about it in the online space. During the analysis, data is also collected on brand queries, for example, “company name”, “name + reviews”, “name + quality”.

Strategy development and implementation: The collected statistics become the basis for further work. Reputation House specialists develop an individual strategy to displace negativity and form a positive tone for the top 10 search results. A team of employees consisting of copywriters, marketers, managers. And editors is involved in the creation and placement of verified content.

Reviews, testimonials, biographies, and opinions are published. Pushing negativity to lower search positions. In some cases, it may be necessary to remove reviews. Then agency specialists contact the owners of resources and provide facts that indicate the review is unreliable or was specifically commissioned to be negative. Most often this problem is solved in a pre-trial order. But Reputation House employees are prepared to defend your interests in court.

Strategy correction: Upon completion of the cycle of work, the SERM team begins analyzing the results achieved. It studies the effectiveness of various channels and content. Which allows for adjusting the individual work plan for the next cycle.

Reputation House’s integrated SERM approach is a strategy. That allows you to instantly respond to the constantly changing situation in the online market. The agency’s teams constantly monitor the news, reviews, and other information about your brand or person on the Internet using artificial intelligence and other advanced tools. This ensures that your reputation will be well protected in any situation or circumstance.

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