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Recent UX & UI Trends You Should Know About

by Alison Davis

UX & UI design are closely related and work in conjunction with each other. To understand their role together, let’s first define the two concepts individually.

UI design refers to user interface design. Thus, a UI designer is supposed to design the interface in a way that’s aesthetically appealing and easy to navigate through. UX design on the other hand is all about enhancing user experience. A UX designer thus focuses on how easy, convenient, and useful a user’s interaction with a product or service is. In other words, they are responsible for aspects such as usability and functionality.

Every business wants to attract and retain customers via the visual appeal and usability of its web solutions. If customers are using reliable services by Spectrum cable company but still finding it difficult to navigate through your website and interact with its elements, it reflects badly on your brand image. The true measure of the success of your UX and UI design is the consistently growing number of consumers using your product. To maintain or boost the popularity of your web solutions, you need to be updated on the latest UX/UI trends. Here are some of them.

1. Bright Colors on a White Background

A good combination of colors can significantly boost the user’s experience of your interfaces. A bad combination is likely to drive them away. As the pandemic situation eases in 2022, businesses are opting to choose rather colorful and bright tones for their app and website designs. The aim is to put forth a lively and positive image of their brand. Designers are hence choosing bright colors to design UI elements such as buttons and icons. To emphasize the color tones, a white background is preferred.

2. Huge Typography

Another trend is the increasing use of huge typography. As long as the texts are creative, relevant, and add value, do not shy away from incorporating them into your content. Interesting quotes, catchy phrases, and important data and facts are likely to draw more attention to your website and make it more credible.

3. Simplified UX

The UX trend in 2022 is to not complicate interfaces unnecessarily and compel users to follow extra steps. Hence, try to reduce the number of fields and forms that your customers need to fill out. Simple registration and the sign-in process is the way to go. For example, when logging into a marketplace account, it should be sufficient for users to enter their phone numbers. They should not be required to remember another password. Apple followed this latest UX trend and came up with a custom button that allows users to avoid extra registration steps. By tapping the button, you can choose whether you want the website to view your email or not. It just takes a moment and you’re logged in.

4. Mobile-first Approach

The use of mobiles is very common and very convenient. People use their mobiles to do several online tasks such as buying movie tickets, booking holidays, and searching for places. This is why it is essential that a web design looks good and functions well on a mobile device. Web designers feel that by focusing on this aspect, they can improve customer interaction to a great extent.

5. Onboarding

Onboarding is a short product description that makes it easier for the user to understand its main functions. Some believe that onboarding implies a weak design. In other words, if you need a description to explain the design, then your design is not up to the mark. But the truth is that onboarding is an effective tactic because it gives the user clarity regarding an app’s purpose and features. However, you should keep onboarding as simple and concise as possible. High-resolution illustrations with useful and interesting descriptions would have a much stronger impact than images or design alone.

6. Accessibility to All

Accessibility here refers to creating digital products or services that are compatible with as many people as possible. This means that your solution should be easily accessible and usable for people including older users and those with special needs, impairments, and disabilities. Since the pandemic has urged people to shop, stream and play online, the designers are exploring ways to develop solutions that cater to the needs of ‘everyone’.

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