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Qualities on a Curriculum Vitae: Should They Be Mentioned?

by Alison Davis

The Curriculum Vitae is an important document in a file. Opting for a quality CV means putting all the chances on your side to get the job of your dreams. To do this, it must be written with the greatest possible care, highlighting your qualities. This means creating a section reserved for your skills, training, and, above all, your professional assets. Even if the presence of this section on a CV is not unanimous, it remains important.

Why The Qualities Section Of a CV?

Although less adopted by the French, the “Qualities” section of a CV is nevertheless important in the recruitment process. It is the part of the curriculum vitae that quickly catches the attention of recruiters. You can find a resume example on the site.

Indeed, as its name clearly indicates, it includes the professional assets and qualities of the candidate, which makes the task easier for the employer, who does not have the time to read the whole document.

It is therefore necessary to take the lead by creating this section to highlight these qualities on the CV in order to make the recruiter immediately aware of your points. It is a way of convincing them of the adaptability of your profile to the position.

The so-called qualities section, it must be admitted, is not imperative, but it is important to quickly catch the employer’s attention and make him want to meet you in a job interview. Everyone is free to put it in or not.

What Qualities Should Be Mentioned In This Section?

Many people often struggle to distinguish between skills and qualities from a semantic point of view, even though these are two clearly different concepts. Indeed, while skills can be earned or learned, qualities are characteristic traits of a person.

They are the abilities that are unique to each individual and that determine his or her strength. They are sometimes unknown to many people, but one can easily recognize one’s qualities through small personality tests or an alphagram.

The qualities most sought after by recruiters are mainly rigor and autonomy. Apart from these two, dynamism, motivation, team spirit, and creativity are important to optimize the recruiter’s confidence. However, it is important to select those that are relevant to the position.

How To Present The Quality Section On The CV?

Once the qualities have been selected according to their usefulness for the position sought, they must be highlighted in your CV in the so-called quality section. To do this, it is advisable to think about the most relevant information to include in the document so as not to miss out on space for the qualities.

This section should come just after the professional information or experience. It is important to avoid listing qualities that are too common, as this could make them seem vulgar.

In addition, it is advisable to keep the writing simple and to leave out the details when writing the qualities. For example, you can use one word or a group of words to talk about your qualities. Don’t forget to be effective and real to help your recruiter to retain you quickly.

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