Outdoor Workouts to Try This Summer

Outdoor Workouts to Try This Summer

by GM Malik

Why spend your summer working out in a crowded gym, when you could work up a sweat outside? Skip the gym and give these outdoor workouts a try.

Long Walks

The weather is gorgeous outside, so slip on your sneakers and go for a long walk. It’s the perfect low-intensity activity that lets you breathe in the fresh air and soak up the sunshine. This will be a lot more fun than walking on a treadmill and breathing in the smell of rubber and B.O. at the gym.

If you’re worried that you’ll get bored five minutes into your walk, pull out your smartphone. There are lots of apps that can keep you motivated to keep moving:

  • Spotify can help catch up on episodes of your favorite podcast.
  • Audible can help you listen to an exciting thriller.
  • Zombie, Run! can help you imagine you’re moving through a zombie apocalypse.
  • World Walking can help you pretend you’re walking through an exotic location.
  • Wokamon can help you gamify your walking experience.

Of course, there are plenty of other apps that you can download to make your walk much more exciting.

Nature Hikes

Go explore one of the country’s national parks this summer. You can get your heart rate up by traipsing the trails with all of the other nature enthusiasts. Nothing will motivate you to keep going like a beautiful view.


Grab your swimsuit and a clean towel because it’s time to go swimming. You can beat the sweltering summer heat by taking a dip at the nearest lake or beach. And if there are no beaches or lakes anywhere close to your location, try to cool off at the nearest public pool.

Park Yoga

Do your sun salutations on the grass of your favorite park. Just bring a yoga mat and a bottle of water with you. Find yoga studios offering outdoor classes that you can sign up for this season. And if you can’t find a class, you can always do a yoga session in the park by yourself!

Bike Riding

Why spend time on a stationary bike at the gym when you can pull a bike out of your garage and ride it wherever you’d like? If you don’t own a bike, you might be able to rent one for a day through a bike rental service.
Why Should You Embrace Outdoor Workouts


Getting out in the sunshine is a great way to get your daily source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D has many benefits, including boosted immunity and improved mood.


Summer will be over before you know it. Some of these workouts won’t be as enticing when fall comes around, and they certainly won’t be accessible when winter hits. So, you might as well take advantage and do these outdoor workouts while you still have the time!

Saving Money

Your finances are tight at the moment, and your gym regimen isn’t helping. While it’s important to exercise, you shouldn’t be putting your financial stability at risk just to keep up with the costs of gym memberships and boutique fitness class plans. Many of these outdoor workouts are frugal or free to do. By replacing your usual fitness classes with these workouts, you can save some money.

What about when summer is over? At that point, you should build a monthly budget calendar and see how your fitness expenses are impacting your finances. You might need to adjust some of your other expenses to make room for these fitness costs, like canceling an online streaming subscription or reducing your takeout spending.

Without a monthly budget calendar, you could easily spend beyond your means and put yourself in a bad financial spot. You could overdraw your checking account, bounce a check or not be able to cover an urgent expense without the help of a credit card or online loan. So, get in the habit of following this financial tool!

Summer will be over in a blink. So, pick your favorite outdoor workout and do it before it’s too late!

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