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Libre Office VS MS Office – Why you should switch to Libre Office right now

by Raja Mehar
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Microsoft Office is the general standard and most commonly used and first word processing software used in the world. Primarily because of the fact Microsoft Windows is the most used operating system in the world, only next to Android. And since, MS Office is the first word processing software everyone uses in their life mostly, they are not likely to shift away from it. However, there is a free alternative to MS Office, which is actually quite better in some regards, which you will learn below in our study of Libre Office vs MS Office.

So, we analyzed both softwares and came up with 9 solid reasons why you should shift to Libre Office.

Libre Office VS MS Office: Comparison of Features

So, before shifting to Libre Office, you need to be aware of how main features of Libre Office and MS Office compare to each other.

So, for that we did some research and developed the following infographic (Do share it if you like it).

These are only the basic and key features of a word processing software compared. The full feature comparison is here on wiki.

Why you should shift to Libre Office

So, after analyzing the features of both and comparing them head to head for Libre Office vs MS Office, we have come up with 9 reasons why should shift to Libre Office right now.

1. It is totally free

Cost matters. And if you can get all the features of MS Office and some even better, why should not you opt for Libre Office, which is 100% Free. It seems unreal, but it is the truth.

MS Office 365 Home costs $99.9 annually and Office 365 Personal is available for $66.9 annually as of January 1st, 2020. One time purchase is for $149 for MS Office Home & Student, and that is only for one device, either Mac or PC.

On the other hand, Libre Office is totally free. You can download it from their website here, and can use it for commercial purposes even without spending a penny.

2. It never goes obsolete

Libre Office never goes obsolete. In newer versions of MS Office namely Office 2019 and Office 2016, users have reported that .doc files from old Office versions like Office 2003 or Office 1997, cannot be opened. And when they do get opened, their format gets ruined.

But in contrast, in Libre Office, you can store your documents in a hard drive today and can open them a decade later. Won’t be a problem.

Also, MS Office is from Microsoft and you never know when a business corporation goes out of business. It is a long shot but still can happen.

3. It is Open Source

MS Office is proprietary software and not anyone can look into its source code.

However, Libre Office is fully open-source and anyone can have a look at its source code. If you don’t trust a software whose source code you can’t see, then Libre Office is the obvious choice for you.

4. Security Patches

As Libre Office is fully open-source, anyone can submit a patch for any vulnerability present in the software.

However, in MS Office, if there is some kind of a bug , you have to wait for Microsoft to patch it up.

5. Addon Features

Another benefit of being an open-source software for Libre Office is that anyone can contribute to the features and addons they want to be in the software.

So, you are a business and you need some specific kind of addition or feature to the software, you can just develop that feature yourself and add it to Libre Office. Many companies do it like Collabora, Canonical, SUSE etc.

However, MS Office is developed solely by Microsoft.

6. ISO Standards

MS Office does not support ISO Standard document format, the ODF format.

However, Libre Office does. So, if you want to ensure that your business follows international standards in all kind of documentation, you need to use Libre Office.

7. Availability on Linux

MS Office is not available on Linux. Moreover, its MacOS version is also not leader there.

So, for someone who likes to use Windows and Linux both, then Libre Office is the best option.

8. Portable Version is also available

MS Office does not have a portable version, but Libre Office do.

Sometimes it happens that you need to open your documents somewhere and your own computer is not with you, and other people do’t want to install MS Office or any Office in their computers to help you open the documents.

So, in that scenario, what you can do is have a portable version of Libre Office in a USB flash drive or memory card, and just plug it in any computer and start the portable version of Libre Office. No need for any installation.

This portable version is not available for MS Office.

9. Cross-Platform availability

So, you write a document on a PC and have to share it with a lot of people. Some of them use MacOs, some Linux and some use other operating systems.

Now, if your document is developed in MS Office, then that software is only available in Windows , MacOS and android, and that’s it.

However, Libre Office has huge range of cross-platform availability. Whether, it is Windows, MacOS, Linux, Net BSD, Open BSD, Free BSD or Haiku, Libre Office exists.

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Wrapping Up

So, there you have it. 9 Reasons why Libre Office is the better option. So, wins in your opinion in Libre Office vs MS Office battle?

Which reason convinced you to shift, if you do shift? Comment Below.

For me, it is free of cost availability. If you can get same features free, why would you spend $99.


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