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Impacts Of Winter on Exterior Doors and Possible Solutions

by Raja Mehar

The winter season is usually a dilemma for most homeowners because of the many troubles it brings along to homes. Even though your exterior doors are what protect you from harsh weather conditions from the outside. There is no evading the harsh winter effects on the doors of your home.

Winter is a critical season of the year and is associated with high humidity levels and is characterized by snow. Here are some of the exterior doors Toronto problems associated with winter and how to fix them.

Binding Of The Exterior Doors On The Upper Corners

Binding in the upper corners of your exterior doors Toronto is one of the most common problems due to winter. 

Random weather changes from hot to very cold conditions cause the doors to expand and contract. During winter, the nights are very cold with high humidity. And during the day the weather might change to warmer conditions. And this causes expansion and contraction of the exterior doors.

When the doors expand and contract. It results in them getting stuck, and this effect is more advanced with wood doors.

However, you should note that winter is not the only cause of binding. So if you notice binding on your exterior doors Toronto and it’s not winter season. You should not be shocked. Other possible causes of binding are the door weight pulled to one direction or even stripped screws that are just giving out.

To fix the problem of binding during the winter season, you need to maintain the thickness of the space between the jamb and jamb of the door. The thickness should not exceed the size of a nickel.

The Problem Of Loose Screws

Screws are bound to become loose during the winter due to high humidity conditions. Loose screws seem to be a small problem, but in reality, they can cause serious problems in your home. 

Loose screws make the door sag and consequently make it unable to fit properly into its frame. Another possible issue from loose screws is the rubbing of the door, which makes it stuck on the frame.

Loose screws are very frustrating, and one of the simplest ways to fix the problem is just getting the screws tightened. If the screws of your exterior doors Toronto are completely worn out, you can fix the problem by replacing them with new ones.

The Problem Of The Door Staying Open

With the high humidity that comes with winter, the problem of a door that stays open is very frustrating because of the cold.

Exterior doors that stay open might result from reasons such as they won’t fit into their frame. This is because possibly the jambs of the door are not vertically standing to properly lean to the left or right to aid in closing the door.

To fix the problem, you need to check the door jambs and ensure they are in the right condition to facilitate convenient movement of the door for it to close.

The Problem Of Fading Of The Exterior Doors

Winter weather is accompanied by a lot of moisture which, when it lands on the door, messes with the vibrant condition of the color resulting in fading.

Fading causes serious damage to the appearance of your door and makes it not so attractive. However, losing the initial color of your door is disappointing, but it can be prevented. There are several treatments that, when applied to the exterior doors Toronto will stop any form of damage from moisture.

If you are looking forward to a permanent solution to preventing damage to your doors from moisture, you should consider investing in fiberglass exterior doors in your home. 

Fiberglass doors are made of strong material and will not be affected by moisture or harsh weather. This means the color of your exterior doors will remain intact in all weather.

The Problem Of Damaged Weather Stripping

The weatherstripping function is to prevent drafts from getting into the home. Worn-out weather stripping during winter is disappointing during winter. To fix this problem, you will need to replace the weather striping.

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