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How to Build a Custom Shopify Theme From Scratch: Best Tutorial

by Raja Mehar

Building your business and personal brand from scratch is always a challenge.  In order to succeed in this, you need to invest a lot of effort.  But one of the main keys to immediate success is uniqueness.  Being unique in our time is not such an easy task as it might seem at first glance, but believe me, if you manage to create your own zest and be remembered by the audience, this will definitely guarantee stable career growth.

 Shopify is exactly the kind of structure that will provide you with a functional website made in the best productivity trends.  However, it is not enough just to make something technically advanced.  The creative element also plays an important role.  Keep in mind that you have competitors and as soon as you differ from them, we boldly declare that you have already got half of the success.  How to be that unique entrepreneur with a special business? 

Shopify will help you with this.  How do you like the idea of ​​creating a special custom theme for your site?  I think this is what you were looking for!  After all, it will set you apart from the crowd.  Statistics show us that most entrepreneurs do not pay due attention to the external component, that is, design. What can we say about the design if the majority does not even care about the general template.

But you can do something completely different by spending as much time as possible, but creating a unique theme completely from scratch!  You have a unique chance to reflect the nature of your business, to express it in various combinations (for example, color).  How to create this topic?  Here is the main question of today, to which we will try to give an intelligible answer.

 To start..

  • First of all, hurry up to migrate from woocommerce to shopify!  Make a choice towards this unique platform!
  • Then you should keep in mind that first of all you should have a good knowledge of the platform.  Study it thoroughly.
  • Don’t forget about the fact that you need to have JavaScript skills and deal directly with UI / UX design.

The First Important Point Of Your Creative Start Is a Clear Plan.

For your theme to be what you imagine it to be, and even better, you need to think through everything thoroughly as mentioned before.  To do this, study the platform well, namely, what topics have already been proposed.  You can take elements from some existing ones as a basis.  Analyze existing topics, find a source of inspiration from which you can draw ideas.  Also understand what the customers want.  Often the key points are ease of navigation, organization, intuitive details, and short product descriptions.  As for the color palette, most people prefer contrasting shades that do not hurt the eyes and create a certain style.  All these aspects must be taken into account when creating uniqueness. Write it all down in your plan.

Let Liquid Be Your Best Friend.

It is a templating language that is open source.  It is not difficult and you can master it quickly.  So it won’t be a problem.  But a fact is a fact. This is what you need.

You Must Keep In Mind That The Topic Must Be Reviewed And Approved.

Not everything that is sent for verification is published.  But even if you don’t aim to be in the Shopify Theme Store, you still need to be convinced that what you do is of sufficient quality and meets important standards.  That is, as soon as you get approval, it means that you have a guarantee of the quality of what you do.

Think Timber Framework

Timber greatly simplifies the process and believe at what level you would not be, whether you are a professional designer or just an amateur, this framework is suitable for everyone in any case.  This is a great tool that we couldn’t help but mention because if you create a theme with Timber it will be the best start.

Now you are familiar with the most intriguing and interesting tips that can help you a lot!  But if there are still those among you who have doubts about Shopify, your doubts must be exhausted. Migration from other platforms is very important and the sooner you do it, the sooner you will simplify your life and work.  If you want to grow, we strongly recommend visiting this site. Be determined and know that Shopify is generally the best solution for business.

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