How to become the best in the world at whatever you do

how to become the best in the world

Elon Musk is the best engineering genius in the world right now, Lionel Messi is best footballer (I think so), Hanz Zimmer is the best composer. But there are 250 million football (soccer) players, there are thousands of engineers in the world and there also hundreds of composers in the world. So, how did Elon Musk, Lionel Messi and Hanz Zimmer became the best at what they do?

Well, how much different their professions are, still they all followed same habits and had similar lifestyles.

What are these habits and lifestyle choices? Keep on reading to find out.

Competition is fierce in whatever field you are, because the world is connected and everyone wants a piece of cake. But you might have realized that the people who are masters in whatever they do are only 1-2% of people in that field. Rest 98% are all quite same. So, this makes beating 98% quite easy to get yourself prepared for inclusion in top 1-2%.

This article is intended to give you the tools to develop a mindset to elevate yourself from 98% people of your profession. So, lets begin.


During the first you need to get to a stage where you can be independent and self-sustained by using the profit or revenue you earn through your profession. So, if you are a blogger, earn as much as you need to be independent.

Paul Graham (a famous computer scientist and entrepreneur) once said:

Once you cross the threshold of profitability, however low, your runway becomes infinite

So, first step is to achieve profitability. Once you become profitable, no matter how small, then you can focus on elevating your skills up and up. Also, then you can convince your family members etc that this passion of yours actually works.

How you get to that? Follow these tips:

1. Begin as an amateur

how to become best in the world
Every star footballer was once an amateur

No greatest in the world was born the way they are. They worked hard and got there. There are no shortcuts. So, you need to do the same: Start as an amateur.

Michael Dell, the founder of Dell Computer technology company was fond of fixing computers and manually building computers to meet buyers’ wishes. Back then when he was in college, computers were not available according the specific needs or wishes of a customer. Meaning, if you wanted a computer that has this much of RAM, that much of Hard Drive and more, you would not have been able to buy that. Computers came with pre-fixed specifications and you had to either buy it or modify it later.

So, Michael Dell started modification of computers from his dorm room and realized that this service has a very large market. So, after college he started his own computer company “DELL” whose entire business model was selling computers that were in accordance to what the customer had ordered.

Now, if he had not started as an amateur in college years, he would not have been able to get to the level, he is at today.

So, don’t be humiliated if anyone laughs at you in beginning or anything else like that and start doing what you want to do.

Stop procrastinating and start as an amateur in your field.

2. Stop following what mediocre people do

People who are at top of any field are there because of some reason. They are doing something special what other 98% are not doing or doing something differently than others.

So, stop doing what mediocre people do and examine the top people and try to do the way they do things or do what they do.

People who aren’t at top are playing by rules that halt optimal performance. They are climbing traditional ladders intended to slow them down and keep them average.

CREATE YOUR OWN RULES: Even better than following the rules of successful people, the best thing to do create your own rules. Change the game for yourself to automate the success. Don’t give much attention to haters and doubters and follow the voice of your heart. Keep encouraged and keep moving on forward.

3. Be patient and consistent

how to become the best in the world
Keep working hard and be consistent

Leo Tolstoy once said:

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time”

So, have patience. You won’t have breakthroughs on your first attempt. So keep on being consistent and patient until you have a breakthrough. Everything meaningful and extraordinary in life is a marathon , not a sprint.

If you love your field truly, then you will keep on doing it regardless of outcome.

There is a compounding of interest money principle in economics. If you invest a small amount of money consistently, eventually compound interest takes over and growth becomes exponential. The same holds true for any habit, whether good or bad. If you do something long enough, compounding will take effect, momentum will surge, and you’ll begin to experience exponential results.

So, keep on doing what you are doing with same zeal and zest until you get a breakthrough and when you do, move on stage 2.

Stage 2 – From Amateur to Best in the World

Knowledge only becomes profitable when it is applied.

Getting to the top 10% percent in your field can be done by following principles taught by other people at that level. However, in order to become the best at what you do, you have to leave it all behind and becoming an innovator and pioneer yourself.

In order to get to 1-2% level, you have to walk on knife’s edge, where risk is very high. Now, here the probability of failure is at its peak level, but by following some core principles that probability can be decreased somewhat. Those principles are following:

1. Structure your entire life according to your profession

At the peak level, everything you do matters. Every second of your life either gives or takes something from what you are trying to achieve. What you eat, what kind of people you spend your time with and whatever activity you indulge in matters.

By structuring your life in accordance to your profession, you would be able to leverage your subconscious mind.

So, while you were sleeping or reading a book etc. your subconscious mind will be working on problems and when you wake up, what you can do is write up the information laid down by subconscious.

2. Embrace the fear and sufferings and learn from them

No pain, no gain.

As we said earlier, at peak level, the probability of failure is very high and naturally that warrants the fear of doing something new.

So, instead of procrastinating and not doing it because of that fear of failure, jump in and embrace the sufferings and try to learn from them.

If you tried something in the past that resulted in failure? Then try again to do it but this do it differently.

If you keep on doing this, you will innovate and succeed. However, if you let fear overcome your mind, then innovation will stop and progress will be hindered.

3. Do it for the love of it

When you will overcome fear, then you keep on doing what you do for the love it.

You will feel an obligation to keep on struggling because you have worked so much to get to that stage and now you don’t want to let it all in vain.

Now, there will be a sense of responisbility and duty to keep on working.

When you will do it for the love of the profession and will be not motivated by any profit or something tangible, then you truly will be the best in the world at that job.

After this you will be obligated to stay there and that obligation will make you work more and more.


You can quickly get to the point where you do what you love for a living. Being the best require shard work, sacrifice, and consistency.

You are in control of how far you are willing to go. The first step is to START DOING IT because it is rightly said:

The Journey of the thousand miles begins with one step”

So are you going to become the best in the world? Leave a comment


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