How the World will End? 10 Most Bizarre Theories

How the world will End

Theories or predictions about how the world will end, whether end of Planet Earth or extinction of humanity, have been around since at least the beginning of Common Era.

An asteroid wiping humanity from the face of the Earth, global warming making Earth uninhabitable as some scientist point out or a supernova destroying the entirety of solar system, are just some of the events that have been linked to apocalypse times.

However, these are events that make some kind of sense and have scientific facts to support them.

Apart from these, there have been a huge amount of strange and bizarre theories about how the world will end. Some of these are from ancient times and some originated in the modern day. No matter when and where they came from, people used to, or in some cases still believe in them.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of ten most bizarre and famous theories about the world will end. [The list below is not a ranking]


how the world will end
Spider Robot

Grey Goo, is a catastrophic and hypothetical scenario in nanotechnology, where self-replicating nanobots will demolish the biosphere by constantly replicating their numbers and feeding on materials needed for life.

Well, in this scenario we are already done half the job, Creating the robots. They are called nanobots, whose dimensions are in range nano-meters. They are usually used in medical industry for replacing cells and fighting diseases like cancer.

Just like any other technology for example bionics and transhumanism, there are optimists who are supportive of this technology as according to them, it would also help solve global energy crisis.

However, the other group believes that such nanobots could wreak havoc on Earth if they get out of control. If nanobots can replicate themselves time and time again on their own accord, one day they could very well dominate the Planet. Thus, destroy all life to get materials to replicate themselves even more. Kind of like what happens in 1999’s The Matrix movie.


how the world will end
Faravahar – A sacred symbol of Zoroastrianism

Frashokereti is a term from Avestan language of Ancient Persia, for the renovation of the universe in Zoroastrianism doctrine.

According to this doctrine, the universe and humanity is in its final thousand years. And in these final thousand years things will get worse for humanity.

Society will keep on deteriorating to the end of these final thousand years to a point where things will go so bad, that universe and humanity will need a savior. Also, demons and monsters will start roaming the Earth.

That savior will form an army and destroy all the demons (Aragorn Style). Then the universe will start again from the beginning. That new society built after the apocalypse will be good, harmonious and in a perfect social moral, which will happen because all evil people will be eradicated in aforementioned battle between good and evil.

[Source: The Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies]


Mayan Calendar

Ancient Mayans created a calendar for, you know organizing time. The calendar was in circular shape and it happened that their cycle starting from 3114 BCE came to an end on 21st of December, 2012.

So, some people started believing that the world will end on December 21, 2012. This prophecy was given much more air by Hollywood and social media. 2009’s film titled “2012” showed the said apocalypse on cinema screens and really propagated the theory to the entire world.

But, you know, the world did not ended, because we are here still.

The real reason for ending of calendar was probably that they went out of more space.

[Source: National Geographic, BBC]


Large Hadron Collider

The Large Hadron Collider or LHC is largest particle accelerator in the world in CERN, Switzerland. It is used to bash sub-atomic particles together at very high speed to reveal what lies in them and more.

It was designed to answer some of the biggest questions about the universe.

However, its launch has also raised a lot of questions about safety of the world. Around its launch in 2008, it was theorized that the machine could create black holes that can eat up the planet itself. Things got more worse when CERN openly admitted that this was infact true. But they would be so small and not a bit harmful to Planet Earth.

Still, a lot of people believe that this can happen and are concerned about the so-called Big Bang Machine.

[Source: CERN, Independant]


how the world will end
Apocalypse is a thing of past according to Nick Hinton

Well, as of now we have seen theories that give prediction about how the world will end, in some distant future.

So, how about this that the apocalypse has already happened. This theory was proposed by twitter user Nick Hinton. His theory went viral on social media.

His first tweet got more than a hundred thousand likes and nearly forty thousands retweets.

He believed that the entirety of humanity actually died in 2012 when the Higg’s Boson particle was discovered at CERN. Yup, same particle which Stephen Hawking predicted, that could destroy the universe.

He also believes that all of this that we are experiencing right now is either a shared hallucination or the after-life.

He tries to support his theory by highlight things that we remember differently. For example, some people believe that statue of liberty is on Ellis Island, when it is actually on Liberty Island.

So, do you remember some things differently or not?

[Source: twitter/NickHinton, Truth Or Fiction]


how the world will end
Northman carving a rock

Ragnarok is the end times in Norse Mythology. According to Vikings, the Earth will split open and release all of the things that are in the underworld. Also, there will be a final battle, where their gods like Thor, Odin and Loki will die.

The giant wolf Fenrir will swallow the sun and life as we know and then Finbulwinter or Winter of all winters would end the world.

Now, all this is from Norse Mythology. However, this apocalypse was predicited to happen in 2014 by a Viking Group in England. But as we are still here, it did not happen.

[Source: Independent, Ibtimes]


Y2K problem or the year 2000 problem is one of the most famous doomsday theory of modern era.

As all computers in 20th century used the last two digits of year, like 96 for 1996, some people started believing that at the turn of millennium to 21st century all computer systems would crash. As they would register the year 2000 CE as 00.

There were huge worries regarding this problem. Many believed that this would result in chaos in all computer controlled machinery.

They feared that the bug would create chaos, shutting down transport, communications, nation’s defense systems, finance systems and more. This all would cause planes to crash from the sky, accidentally firing nuclear weapons etc.

Many people took this bug rather too much seriously. They stayed away from air travel and started relying on cash.

But when the 1st of January, 2000 came around, it came apocalypse-free.

[Source: National Geographic, The Guardian, Junkee]


Planet X colliding with Earth

Planet X or commonly called as Nibiru is center of many doomsday theories. It involves a collision between Earth and a large other planetary object.

This unnamed planet as planet X was predicted to hit Earth in 2003 with devastating consequences. But as you know, it did not happen.

Later an American conspiracy theorist predict it would hit Earth in 2017. But that did not happen either.

After that in 2018, another prediction came around which predicts it to hit the Earth soon, without any specific date (smart).

It is theorized that when it does hit Earth, the magnetic poles of Earth would shift creating catastrophic storms and earthquakes that would wipe out 90% of humanity within its first hour.

[Source: Space, howstuffworks, The Sun]


Heaven’s gate is US based religious cult involving UFOs, in 1974. However, it came into attention of the world in 1994, when founder of the cult named Martial Applewhite started claiming that he was the reincarnated Jesus Christ.

He gathered his followers and claimed that the end of the world is close at hand and alien founders of the humanity are to return. The cult believed that only those who have been elevated to the next level as it was said, would survive apocalypse.

In 1997, when a picture of Hale-Bopp comet was observed, Applewhite was sure that it was a sign. He and his followers believed that this a UFO that could elevate them to the next level. But that elevation comes with death. So, 39 members of the cult including Applewhite killed themselves believing their souls would be taken to next level on UFO.


10. Sir Isaac Newton’s prediction

Sketch of Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton is no doubt the father of modern physics and science in general.

But, as what most people don’t know is that he also predicted the date for the end of the world.

He predicted that the end of the world will happen in 2060 CE. This prediction was revealed when his personal documents were released in 2003.

He predicted this date by using numbers from the bible and then developed a complicated formula to predict it.

He did not say how the world will end. He just predicted when it would happen.

[Source: History Daily, Open Culture]

So, which prediction amazed you the most?


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