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Ghost Kitchens Equipment Solutions

by Alison Davis
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The ghost kitchens are also called virtual kitchens and dark kitchens. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of all these delivery-only kitchens at a great scale. The demand for off-premise options for dining has accelerated and has created an opportunity for all the operators to invest in ghost kitchens. Even the restaurant suppliers are demanding for it to increase efficiency. A ghost kitchen is usually about 100 square feet. It means that space needs to be designed and optimized for operating with minimum labor. So, choosing the right equipment is necessary for these kitchens. The best ghost kitchen solutions are discussed in this article:


A combi offering maximum flexibility of cooking needs to be selected because it will promote efficiency in a limited kitchen space. Steamers, convection ovens, and grills can be replaced with a space-saver combi. Make sure that it comes with an integrated hood that saves dedicated ventilation space for cooking and frying equipment. Nowadays, the modern combi comes with smart features that can be controlled with the smartphone.

Food Management Software:

As you will be selling online, you will need the best food delivery software to allow your ghost kitchen to have an online presence and deliver to your customers. The food delivery software should have a robust online ordering solution integrated with food management software. It will help you manage the day-to-day operations and increase your sales.

Holding Cabinet:

A 2-feet wide cabinet can be chosen. Make sure that you can configure it and fit it under a countertop or stack it for managing large-batch cooking. Humidity control is an option that comes with the new-era holding cabinet that creates the best environment for the foods and keeps it fresh for a longer time. With this restaurant equipment, your ghost kitchen can keep the labor down by cooking and then holding the products before the peak periods of high demand.

Pressure fryer:

The best pressure fryer for your kitchen will sustain the maximum volume of chicken and makes things easier for the ghost kitchens for high-level productivity. It takes not more than 2 feet of wall space. Besides, it makes batch cooking a breeze. Re-racking becomes easy, and the product handling capacity increases. A pressure fryer is an excellent product for the wing-concept ghost kitchens that increases both efficiency and productivity.

Ventless oven:

For the brick and mortar restaurant operators, purchasing or leasing ghost kitchen space helps to recover the dine-in loss, streamlines food production, and improves the ticket times for delivery. However, ventilation may prove to be very challenging for all these spaces. The operators can save the operating and ventilation costs by choosing ventless equipment that does not need extra traditional ventilation systems or water hookups. Waterless, compact, and ventless solutions will allow the operators to position their oven in any place and utilize the kitchen space. Choose the one that allows you to cook at least 4 types of foods at different fan speeds, cook time controls, and temperatures.

Versatile commercial kitchen equipment:

For every commissary-style ghost kitchen, the operators will require equipment to produce massive volumes of food at constant quality. Taking a look at the multi-cook ovens, combi ovens, blast chillers, and holding equipment can be fruitful. All this equipment helps in producing food in huge volumes while maintaining the maximum quality. It helps the operators in preparing food in advance, then blast-chill it, and then quickly re-thermalize it as soon as ordered. It enhances delivery ticket times and leads to the production of better food quality compared to any other microwave alternatives.

Menu consistency:         

The ghost kitchens are not always about single operations. Successful operators consider a successful model and then replicate it in the new geographies. A remote oven management system can be good to choose from because it will allow the operators to have total control of the menus and equipment. The pre-programmed recipes can be ‘pushed’ easily to a designated ovens group or a single oven. This equipment facilitates one-touch cooking and saves time, labor, and training.


The market conditions are drastically changing, and the operators continue to be the pivot and nimble for better supporting. And streamlining the delivery programs through ghost kitchen development. Therefore, equipment solutions for ghost kitchens need to be efficient, versatile, and efficient.

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