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7 Cool Gadgets for Engineers which can make their life Easier

by Umair Ahmad Khan

Engineers are creative bunch, and good engineers have the ability to keep looking at opportunities to create some new products and technologies that could help the world by solving a problem. But still, engineers are also humans and they need tools too to get their job done. That is why there are hundreds of gadgets for engineers, that are intended to aid them in their work.

Sometimes, it happens that an engineer fails to develop a desired product, just because he did not had the necessary gadgets and tools that could help him/her design the product that is needed or desired.

With that in mind, following are nine gadgets for engineers, which i think are extremely helpful for engineers to get the maximum result from their efforts.

So, let’s get on with them:

1. Digital Vernier Caliper

A vernier caliper is one of the most essential tool for engineer, because measurements are key to exact designs.

Back in old days, simple vernier calipers were used but now, digital vernier calipers which show precise readings are used through-out the world.

There are some end expensive calipers are used in the world, but this one from VINCA is also inexpensive and pretty much fulfills the basic needs of engineers.

It is available in various lengths ranging from 6 inches to 24 inches.

Material used is stainless steel, and is fully callibrated.

Plus, it comes with RS232 data transfer port, which makes transferring measurement data to PC very easy.

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2. Laptop Cooling Pad

Almost everyone in the world nowadays uses laptops, and engineers are no exception. Although, desktop experience is better, but sometimes for portability laptops are preferred.

Moreover, engineering tasks need high end laptops with high processing power for tasks like CAD (computer-aided-design) and other data processing stuff, and almost all of those CAD softwares consume CPU and GPU power, which ultimately heat up the computer.

So, how can you keep you laptop cool?

The best solution is to use a cooling pad.

Now, cooling pads come in a lot of styles, and they all don’t really cost that much. Personally, my favorite is Havit HV-F2056, show in the image below. It has 3 fans and LED lights look cool too.

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3. A resourceful Backpack

Okay, so engineers have a laptop, a calculator, a vernier caliper, a notebook and many other tools that he needs to keep with himself at all the times. So, how is he going manage keeping with him?

With a good backpack, obviously.

Choosing a backpack is more of a fashion dilemma than a technical one.

However, whatever may be your fashion choice, your backpack should have a portion for laptop, plus some pockets where all of your tools can be stored in an organized manner.

Laptop Backpack-Source: Amazon

4. Rocketbook’s EverLast Notebook

Have you ever ran out of paper when designing something, or you end up wasting a lot of paper with various iterations of your design, or you loose your notebook, resulting in loss of lot of hard-work?

Probably, most the people have.

And the solution is a very cool notebook designed by Rocketbook, called Everlast notebook.

This notebook uses dot-grid paper, on which you can write, draw with Pilot Frixion pens.

And pages can be cleaned back up by using a damp cloth.

Moreover, the smartpen which is used can send all of your notes and drawings to Google Drive, Evernote or whatever notes-storing platform you are using.

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5. Laser Distance Measure

As mentioned previously, measurements are key to making a product that fits the specifications. And sometimes, distances are to be measured for designing products that suit the problem at hand.

Laser Distance Measuring devices can easily give you extremely accurate readings without you having to drag a measuring tape from one point to another in the region where you are designing your product.

There are many laser distance measuring devices available in the market. However, the best of them are from Bosch.

Bosch GLM165-10 is very easy to use with just one click operation mechanism, and it can withstand working in a rainy or dusty environment.

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6. Mini 3D Printer

Not every engineer is developing or designing a new product for a huge company and has funding available.

Most of the time, engineers are just tinkering with new ideas, new designs, and what is more valuable to those hobbyists than to see their designs come to life in a simple and easy manner.

Yes, a 3D printer is the most viable solution to this problem, and a mini 3D printer is also affordable and well-suited to hobbyist engineers.

Geetech E180 Mini 3D printer works incompatibility with Windows, and weighing at almost only 10 pounds, is very portable. You need to be a reputable toner buyer in order to have a good match with your printer.

It has 80-110 mm/sec printing speed and is very easy to use.

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With this, you can pump out new prototypes of your designs very convieniently.

7. VR/AR HeadSet

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is hot right now.

It has revolutionized gaming experience and other entertainment technology as a whole.

However, one of the most beneficial use of VR and AR is in design engineering.

With 3D printer, you can easily make prototypes, but still you have make it. It uses printing material and that costs money.

With VR and AR, you can directly visualize your design in a virtual world and you can get a good look of it before it is even made.

In some professional VR Headsets, you can even manipulate the design using controllers, but that is expensive and only Microsoft Hololens and VRGineers XTAL have that ability that works smoothly as of now.

However, just seeing the design is extremely powerful.

Samsung HMD Odyssey is a very multi-purpose VR Headset, which you can use for engineering purposes.

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