Fulfil Your Dream of Driving the Powerful Toyota Fortuner 2.7G or Winning one of 10 new iPhone 14 Plus - Learn How

Fulfil Your Dream of Driving the Powerful Toyota Fortuner 2.7G or Winning one of 10 new iPhone 14 Plus – Learn How

by GM Malik

This is fantastic news for Pakistani expats who send money to Pakistan from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland. Take part in ACE Money Transfer and Habib Bank Limited’s most intriguing promotion for a chance to win the most recent Apple iPhone 14 Plus smartphone or the brand-new Toyota Fortuner 2.7G.

You have ten chances to win the most recent Apple flagship device and one significant opportunity for the Fortuner. The requirements are simple; all you need to do is send money to Pakistan via ACE Money Transfer and then pick it up at one of the HBL’s 1650+ branches in Pakistan before March 15.

Free Upgrades for Your Car and Phone:

As smartphone prices are surging, Pakistanis need help getting the most recent model from their preferred phone manufacturer. Likewise, purchasing a new car is becoming a dream.

Whether expats want an iPhone or a car, they will want to make a rational, cost-effective selection. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if people could win these without paying anything?

This is where the latest collaboration service from ACE Money Transfer and HBL comes in.

Stop stressing over the price of a new smartphone and a car. Take advantage of this simple offer if you are a Pakistani expat living in the. United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Europe, or Switzerland.

So get ready to enjoy the functionality, safety. And speed of the latest Apple iPhone 14 Plus while also discovering the luxury of the Toyota Fortuner 2.7G.

Motivation To Participate In This Offer:

Expats do not need to send enormous sums of money to Pakistan. They can send as little as GBP 8 or the equivalent from countries where ACE provides services. They must receive that money from Habib Bank in Pakistan to be eligible to be the lucky winner of these massive rewards.

Furthermore, to enhance investment opportunities through remittances, the State Bank of Pakistan, the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis. And the Ministry of Finance proposed the Pakistan Remittance Initiative (PRI). It primarily focuses on channelising remittances through regulated methods and ensuring convenient, speedy, secure, and cost-effective money transfers.

Pakistani expats can also be recognised for sending money through legitimate channels like ACE Money Transfer.

This campaign is a collaborative effort by ACE Money Transfer and HBL to encourage Pakistani expats to use regulated money transfer channels to Pakistan. That is why they give away such fantastic prizes to Pakistani expats. So they can get something more than simply a thank you message from their friends and relatives back home.

Pakistani expats can send money to Pakistan online via ACE and receive it from almost all parts of Pakistan, covered by over 1650 HBL branches. They can be confident that their transactions are secure, expedited, and hassle-free at the best online exchange rates by using ACE Money Transfer for online money transfers.

More About The Prizes:

Some of the Most Notable Characteristics of these Rewards Are: 

  • The top-tier iPhone features one of the most powerful cameras to date, with the capacity to shoot ultra-detailed videos and Panorama (up to 63 MP).
  • It has one of the most outstanding display panels, the Super Retina XDR display ever brought up by any phone maker. 
  • It offers 5G connectivity.
  • Splash, Water, and Dust Resistant

And the Hallmarks of the Toyota Fortuner Are the Following: 

  • The Fortuner trademark has one of the most powerful engines in this category of vehicles.
  • An elevated style that makes it the most attractive car.
  • An Electric Seat Height Adjuster, which gave the best driving experience.

Due to the campaign’s short duration, Pakistani expats should take advantage of the opportunity to participate. Regular lucky draws will be held, and the lucky winners will be selected through a total of 4 lucky draws and a grand lucky draw. Making several purchases throughout the offer would increase the chances of Pakistani expats winning one of the ten Apple iPhone 14 Plus or the brand-new Toyota Fortuner 2.7G.

They can increase their chances of winning by frequently entering the lucky draws in this way. The lucky winners will be fine because ACE Money Transfer will get in touch with them and deliver the smartphones to their door. The significant award will be given to the grand winner’s nominees in a special ceremony in Pakistan.

The Toyota Fortuner 2.7G and 10 Apple iPhone 14 Plus devices are free until March 15, 2023, making this a fantastic campaign for Pakistani expats.

As a result, give ACE Money Transfer a shot by downloading the app or going to the website and signing up. Send money to Pakistan instantly online and collect it from any of HBL’s 1650+ branches in Pakistan to be eligible for these attractive prizes.

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