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A Great Free VPN for Windows – iTop VPN

by Raja Mehar

Let’s have a look at a great free VPN that fulfills our needs when we face internet connection problems or protected websites. iTop Vpn is the best fit to increase your internet connection speed and is for free.

What Is A VPN And Why Do You Need One?

A VPN is a virtual private network in its most basic form. Whatever you search for on a seek engine from your device, your search request is sent to the server where the specific page is kept. Your tool’s screen displays the stuff you looked for as an output.

However, anything connected to the internet, whether it’s your laptop, phone, wireless network, websites, or anything else, is allocated a specific deal. This is simply an IP address or internet protocol address. Within the searching process, your IP address is sent to the server, which then does similar actions.

Your internet carrier provider knows all of the facts regarding which sites you visited because your IP deal is public. Furthermore, an open wifi network has a greater risk of stealing your data or leaking it into the future.

Furthermore, if you wish to check for some goods that are available in one location but not in yours due to a government restriction or another reason, searching with your exact IP address will no longer work. 

These were the concerns that may be resolved by using a VPN. A VPN allows you to connect to a server located in another country. There are no security or privacy issues. This connection is secure, and neither your government nor your internet service provider can monitor your activities. Now, what you’re looking for with this new digital IP address is data processing, which may be done by the server of that specific United States of America.

How Does iTop VPN Work?

To get started with iTop VPN, open your browser and search for iTop VPN for Windows. Select one of the first three impacts from the hunt results. Start downloading after going over the commands. After a successful setup, click the icon in your computing device’s display (if it isn’t always visible as an icon on the desktop display, look for it under This PC).

When it’s finished, press the start button. Your real IP deal is now accessible at the top of the interface. In the middle, tap the Slide To Connect button.

After successfully establishing the connection, your IP address changes, and you can see the name of the digital IP address issuer United States at the bottom.

What Makes iTop VPN Windows’ Best Free VPN?

There are countless free VPNs for Android devices, but just a handful for Windows. The majority of them are not secured, even if they are undone. The following are some of the reasons why iTop VPN is the best free VPN for Windows.

  • The first is that the iTop VPN allows you to switch between the United States and the United Kingdom depending on your needs. Tap the lowest bar, where a name is visible, and exchange u. S. A. for u. S. A. Your IP address is changed again in a few seconds, and you may now access the material available in that country…
  • There is also a PUBG-specific mode. Because PUBG is illegal in India, you may still play it by connecting your device to a nation where it is legal. ITop VPN provides you with specific PUBG locations in Korea, the United States, and Singapore.
  • Customers may view the material without worry of being monitored because of its military-grade encryption.
  • ITop VPN allows users to join, making it easy for them to use iTop VPN on several devices with the same account.
  • For Netflix watching, iTop VPN recommends that customers connect their Windows devices to dedicated VPN service providers.

With all of these features, iTop VPN is a great loose VPN for Windows.

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