Experienced Attorneys' Approach to Side-Swipe Car Accidents

Experienced Attorneys’ Approach to Side-Swipe Car Accidents

by GM Malik

Many sideswipe collisions result in a loss of control and additional collisions, which can result in serious injuries, catastrophic results including hospitalization or even death, and subsequent collisions. An Atlanta auto accident attorney who has handled sideswipe instances can analyze your claim and assist you in including all applicable car damages.

This is why having legal counsel review everything before filing is a good idea. While you can submit your claim independently, doing so gives the insurance company the upper hand. Therefore, seeking legal counsel before agreeing to any settlement is essential.

Recognizing Sideswipe Automobile Accidents

The majority of sideswipe collisions involve two adjacent, similarly traveling automobiles. One of the vehicles crosses over into the other’s lane or path of travel, slamming into its side. The first contact might only include a light brush of one side against the other, but what happens next is frequently much more harmful.

The second driver can react by immediately twisting their wheel to veer away from the first car after a sideswipe. This could result in the car rolling over, driving into oncoming traffic, and hitting other cars, objects, or persons. Damage and injuries brought on by these actions may be severe or even deadly.

How a Car Accident Attorney Would Approach a Sideswipe Case

Even if each sideswipe case is distinctive, our attorneys follow predetermined criteria while handling these matters on behalf of their clients. Here is a brief description of what we do.

Identifying Negligence

Establishing negligence is essential since claiming without knowing how your sideswipe occurred would be fruitless. You are only entitled to compensation under OCGA 51-1-6 when the other party breaches their duty of care. As a result, our attorneys will start by investigating the circumstances surrounding the sideswipe event.

Identifying Fault Following a Sideswipe Collision

Cases involving side-swipe collisions may be more difficult to resolve than other types of auto accidents. As an illustration, the first vehicle may veer into the second’s lane and sideswipe them. The first driver is at fault in that scenario for straying from their lane.

It can be challenging to prove that the first motorist was the accident’s primary cause, particularly if they dispute liability, flee the scene, or if the insurance company tries to blame the second driver for some of the damage. According to OCGA 51-12-33, a Georgian injured in a sideswipe collision can only receive compensation if they were less than 50% at fault.

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