Can my partner be HIV positive while I am not?

Can My Partner Be HIV Positive While I am Not?

by GM Malik
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If you have found out that your partner has HIV, then you probably have a lot of questions in your mind. as it should be because HIV can be transferred from one person to another through sexual contact.

A lot of questions will make you more uncertain. Luike, am I infected or at risk of infection? Can we stay together and keep having sex? Can I get H I V from kissing, sharing food and a toothbrush, or more? How can I save myself? All these questions will enter your mind the moment you know your partner has HIV.

First and foremost, if you or your partner notices HIV-related symptoms, you should both visit a doctor and get HIV tests.You will require testing, care, and support from one another, as well as protection for your own health.

What to do if your partner has HIV

There are many people who have had a long-term relationship who are still living while one of them is suffering from HIV. For them, the doctors and the councils are always working to find the best ways to protect them.

If you want to live with an H I V-positive partner, you should avoid having sex or sharing needles for your own safety.Although there are many ways you can lower your risk even when your partner has the virus,

Choose less risky sex. Anal sex comes with the greatest risk of transmitting HIV. so try to avoid anal sex.

Vaginal sex is safer than anal sex. So try vaginal sex because it doesn’t have the risk of transmitting -HIV- any other way.

By taking medication, a doctor can prescribe antiretroviral medicine to help you protect yourself from getting HIV.

Moreover, if you love your partner, then coping with each other and protecting each other will be the best option. Love comes in any circumstance, so you can live with your partner if your partner has H I V.

 What you need if you are HIV positive:

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