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Apple AirPods – The Good & Bad Which One To Choose In 2023

by Raja Mehar

While there are several earbuds on the market, Apple users are in love with AirPods, and if you ask if they are worth it, they are. At times, users do complain about specific issues that crop up. For instance, AirPods randomly disconnect from time to time, and this might happen if there are any glitches or bugs. There might be some hardware or software issue or signal interference issue. But whatever the reason, you can quickly fix the problem by disconnecting it and reconnecting it again. Also, check the battery level to ensure low battery isn’t why AirPods are getting disconnected. 

In this post, you will learn about the good and the bad regarding these AirPods to make a decision. 

What’s good about Apple AirPods?

  • Visually appealing 

If you seek aesthetically pleasing earbuds, you cannot go wrong with Apple AirPods. The feel and look of these earbuds are fantastic. Users have described the opening and shutting of the case’s lid as genuinely soothing. When you open the case, there’s a slight bit of resistance, allowing the case to remain shut. 

The AirPods are captured and kept inside the case by a magnet and then charged from the battery. 

  • Excellent audio quality as headphones 

According to industry insiders, the Apple AirPods are in league with the Apple earbuds. The sound quality of the headphones is amazing, and you will love listening to your favorite music. The sound isn’t harsh, but it is clear. The bass is quite tight and powerful, but it is not overpowering. 

When you use Apple AirPods, you will not have any problem with high-frequency sounds that might irritate your ears. So, you can listen to music or watch movies for a long time. Also, the bass is more precise than other headphones available on the market. There’s sound clarity that most Apple users appreciate, and therefore, you can look forward to having a great time listening to your favorite music in any genre. Overall, you will be highly pleased with the sound quality of the AirPods.

  • Comfortable 

Do you typically get irritated when wearing headphones? You will not face the same issue with Apple AirPods. These AirPods will not give you a headache or make your ears ache. You can wear them all day and not feel annoyed.  

  • Ease of use and connectivity 

The AirPods automatically connect with the iPhone, and all you need to do is open the lid of the case near your phone. There’s no problem using the AirPods, and you will not have a problem understanding how it works. The integration between iPhones and AirPods is seamless, and you cannot find any fault with it. 

What’s Not Good About Apple AirPods?

  • The noise-canceling feature isn’t great 

The noise-canceling features in earbuds aren’t as impressive as in over-ear headphones like Sony WH-1000XM4. So, you cannot expect to experience great noise-cancelation when you are in the middle of an important meeting or conference call. 

  • The battery life is average 

Battery life is average. While it will provide you with 4.5 hours to 5 hours of non-stop music, some rivals last longer. If you carry the charging case with you, you can get around twenty-four hours of listening. 

  • Some of the features are not available on Android 

You can use AirPods with Android phones, but certain features don’t work. Also, Apple isn’t too keen on making any changes or making upgrades to make it work with Android phones. 

  • Difficult to control using Siri 

There are no controls, and that’s why it is quite complicated to pause a song or change the volume. You can control your phone seamlessly through iTunes if you have your phone out. But if you have your phone inside your pocket, it won’t be easy to control your AirPods. So, that might be an issue if you have to travel a lot and like to listen to music. Furthermore, you cannot use Siri to control the volume of the AirPods or change the music track. Even the double tap feature found on AirPods is useless. 

The Bottom Line 

The Apple AirPods are excellent in engineering and have good design. But there are a few issues that Apple must address for AirPods to stand out from the rest. They work well and sound great, but there are problems like not controlling the AirPods via Siri, and when the phone is inside your pocket, you will face trouble decreasing or increasing the volume. 

Overall, these are excellent earbuds and a fantastic choice for Mac and iPhone users. Since Apple integration is too good, you cannot ignore them. But if you need a noise-canceling feature and that is your primary requirement, you might have to look at the other earbuds and headphones available on the market. So, check them out and make your decision.

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