5 Reasons To Aim For The Role Of A Senior Blockchain Developer

5 Reasons To Aim For The Role Of A Senior Blockchain Developer

by GM Malik

Security and data breaches have always been a huge concern when it comes to technology and they have only grown further because of new emerging technologies. This is exactly where the world of blockchain technology comes in and the need for blockchain developers arise. The more the world transforms and starts using the blockchain for daily transactions, the more advanced features will be needed.

The responsibility of creating these advanced features will fall on the shoulders of Senior Blockchain Developers which is why you need to aim at becoming one.

If that is not enough, here are 5 more reasons to go for that senior developer role:

  1. Forefront Of Innovation

Innovation does not stop for anyone. The moment you feel like you have caught up with the latest technology, it evolves into a new phase. 

Hence, the blockchain industry is the best place to be at this time.

Many crypto experts predict that blockchain transactions will become the normal way to process all transactions in the future. By aiming to become a senior blockchain developer, you can lead technological revolutions. 

  1. Bigger Paycheck

If you thought an entry-level blockchain developer’s salary was great. You will be amazed to see the salary trends for a senior role in blockchain development. 

Many American tech companies operate out of either California or Texas, and most are based in Sunnyvale, California. If you can look for salary trends for the area there. You are sure to find paychecks in the six-figure range. 

A starting annual salary for a senior blockchain developer ranges from around $120,000 and can go all the way up to $180,000 depending on your experience and the language you code in.

  1. Become An Industry Leader

As we mentioned before, the blockchain industry is still fairly new regardless of being adopted in many countries around the world for various functions.

In comparison to other tech endeavors, it is still rather unregulated and the masses are still skeptical about its security. Additionally, people are also quite uneducated about blockchain and its economic value.

While these may seem like disadvantages, it is a great place for a senior developer to be. When there is a disconnect between users and the technology, an industry leader can come forward and bridge the gap.

You can become that tech guru for people as the role of a senior blockchain developer certainly qualifies you for it and people are more likely to believe you.

  1. Transition Even Further

By the time you become a senior developer in the blockchain industry, you are already at the top of the field in terms of valuable experience. This means that even more roles can now be on your horizon.

However, being an expert in the field is what truly matters so you need to improve your skills before you aim for even more advanced roles. This might be harder than you think as most programs focus on basics so you need to try a RareSkills course instead.

Advanced courses like these can open lots of doors for you for a fraction of the price.

  1. Become A Mentor

Becoming a senior blockchain developer is the perfect way to put your mentorship skills to the test. If you become a senior anything, there are bound to be people working under you who might benefit from your experience.

This allows you to mentor the next generation of coders and help them learn from your mistakes instead. You can even help them with job interviews for senior roles within the company making your job even more fulfilling.


All in all, there are many benefits to aiming for the role of senior blockchain developer and these are just a few of them. Not only will this transition help you in your career personally but also help you be a part of something bigger. 

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