5 Health & Wellness Tips To Help You Navigate College Life Like A Pro
five health and wellness tips

5 Health & Wellness Tips To Help You Navigate College Life Like A Pro

by Raja Mehar

Well-spent college life entails much more than completing your credit hours and getting good grades. While navigating through classwork, projects, and examinations, college students should work on themselves to thrive in their professional endeavors later on. To work on themselves, college students should focus on their health and take a holistic approach to wellness to thrive in all pertaining aspects of their life.

Eating right, getting enough sleep, maintaining a social life, dealing with exam stress, managing finances, acquiring additional skills, and gaining part-time professional experience are all matters that an average college student could be juggling simultaneously. Given below are five health and wellness tips that can help a college student navigate all of the above while keeping a sane mind: 

Focus On Your Physical Health And Wellness

Physical wellness and health encompass much more than spending an hour at the gym every other day. Physical wellness is a lifestyle that comprises small habits you adopt over time and incorporate into your everyday life. It includes maintaining a healthy diet that features more home-cooked meals and less take-out; a routine that features at least 30 minutes of physical activity in a day consisting of walking, swimming, running, or anything that keeps you engaged; getting enough sleep and taking care of yourself. 

Physical wellness may mean different things to different people, and you must pay attention to your body’s needs and make lifestyle choices accordingly. Be sure not to indulge in smoking, drinking, or substance abuse. If you feel it is too difficult to function after a night out with friends, know that you shouldn’t overindulge in your next night out. The key is to listen to your body. 

Learn How To Deal With Exam Stress

The daily workload, assignments, examinations, and constant submissions can take a toll on the brightest of students, and knowing how to deal with exam stress healthily is crucial to your well-being as a college student. As a coping mechanism for exam stress, many students fall into unhealthy practices such as binge eating, substance abuse, and excessive use of social media.

According to ponbee.com, one of the best ways to deal with exam stress is to prepare for your exams well in advance, and from the start of the semester. Dedicating a few hours to studying every week is much better than cramming all of your courses in a matter of days. Ponbee also suggests that students should practice healthy coping mechanisms such as mindfulness techniques and meditate to deal with exam stress.

Pay Attention To Your Social Life And Circle

The quality of your social life and circle depends on the quality of your relationships, rather than on the quantity. While assessing your social circle, pay close attention to how each person in your life makes you feel and how you spend your time around them. Anyone with a positive effect deserves to stay in your life, and anyone that spreads toxicity into your life needs to go away.

While being in college may pressure you into thinking you need to be part of a clique or have a large group of friends to be considered a social fit, know that this is far from true. To spend more time around like-minded people, join student organizations and committees on topics that interest you, and support causes that you believe in. Not only would this satiate the social butterfly in you, but would also help you work on your communication skills.

Learn How To Manage Your Finances 

As a college student, you are most likely to be on a budget and even be receiving a college loan as you read this. The best advice for financial wellness and management is to plan ahead of time for all expenses, no matter how big or small they may be. College is often the first time when students have to manage their money, which leaves them clueless about how much they can and cannot afford.

The key to managing your finances is learning what point you occupy on the spectrum of financial security and affordability, and then planning your expenses around it. You should budget all your expenses at the start of the month, and learn to set aside a small amount in savings. Be mindful of all places that offer student discounts and brush up on the financial aid programs offered by your university.

Prepare For And Decide Your Career Path

College is the right time for students to discover and explore various career options and choose the career path they hope to go down after completing college. The key here is to be self-aware of your strengths, weaknesses, and personal choices. You should then speak with college counselors, explore online resources and speak to professionals to understand where your potential lies. Be sure that your chosen career gives you a sense of purpose and instills productivity in your everyday life. In addition to increasing your employability, you shouldn’t lose focus on what truly matters and that is feeding your passion.

Once you understand your true passion and calling, start looking for relevant internships and part-time jobs in relevant fields. Doing so will give you a jump-start on your career, and help you understand the on-field basics of your chosen field. It will also help you practically apply what you learn in class. If you have trouble finding the right job for yourself, seek help from your college’s alumni network and placement center for exciting opportunities. 


Managing multiple different aspects of college life can take a toll on the best of us. The time that you spend in college is likely to be some of the exciting, happening, and overwhelming times of your life. As a student, make sure to make the most of it and give your 100 percent in all your endeavors. The above-given tips are likely to help you navigate all the different parts of your life as a college student, and help you come out of college as someone who values themselves and their relationships and essentially has their life together.

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