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5 Benefits of Monthly Contact Lenses

by Alison Davis

Contact lenses are used by an estimated 3.5 million people in the United Kingdom and Ireland, a figure that has been continuously rising since the 1990s. This is partly due to advances in technology that have made them more comfortable and simple to wear.

There are many contact lenses available, and picking the proper one might be difficult. Your optometrist will assist you in making this decision by considering factors including usage, comfort, lifestyle, prescription requirements, and convenience. If you arrive at your contact lens appointment with complete awareness of the various lens kinds, the optometrist can recommend the best option for you.  Here are five of the most popular reasons why people choose to wear monthly contact lenses:

Extended Wear

Wearing contact lenses that aren’t recommended for sleeping can endanger your eyes by depriving them of oxygen. Corneal infections and corneal neovascularization, in which blood vessels intrude into the whites of your eyes, are two of these hazards.

Some monthly contact lenses can stay on the eyes for up to seven days without being removed. These contacts are often silicone hydrogel lenses with a higher gas permeability than standard contact lenses, allowing five or more times the amount of oxygen to pass through the lens.


One of the most significant advantages of monthly lenses is how less expensive they are for regular users. If you plan on wearing your contact lenses daily, monthly lenses will save you money.

Since you buy fewer lenses, monthly contact lenses may be slightly less expensive than daily ones. You only require 12 contact lenses each year because you discard them every month rather than every day.

Daily disposables are more expensive and maybe better for folks who don’t wear their lenses as often.

Environmentally Friendly

The benefit mentioned above also translates into less waste for eco-conscious wearers. Daily disposables produce much more waste because they are thrown away every day. This is due to the individual wrapping, cardboard box, and the plastic lenses themselves. 

If you wear contact lenses regularly, monthly lenses are the more environmentally responsible option because they have less packaging. You only purchase them once a month.


The silicone hydrogel material in monthly contact lenses can be more pleasant and allow more oxygen to maintain your eyes clear and white. Better contact lens technology allows your eyes to breathe more freely while remaining moist.

Furthermore, it is well accepted that monthly contacts lenses are more comfortable for eyes that are more easily irritated. Monthly lenses don’t dry up as rapidly as daily disposables because they’re engineered to hold moisture for longer. 

This makes monthly contacts lenses a more comfortable option for people with more sensitive eyes.

Daily Convenience

You may let your eyes breathe or take your monthly contacts lenses out for showers and gym sessions because they can be removed and stored safely. If you take daily disposables out during the day, you’ll need to replace them with a brand new pair.

Are Monthly Contact Lenses the Best Choice for You?

Contacts lens users often wonder which type of lenses are the best for them. Their choices usually depend on personal preferences, eye condition, price, availability, etc.

As always, it’s always best to speak with your optometrist first before purchasing any kind of contact lens.

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