25 Educational Channels on YouTube to Upgrade Your Life Like a PRO

by Alison Davis

One of the best ways to learn a new thing In Youtube is by curating an open audio-visual experience. Sometimes, what is appealing to our eyes might not be as informative as we need or vice-versa. 

If you’re someone who loves grabbing information effortlessly, then YouTube is the go-to platform for you. On the other hand, if you like creating videos in the niche of education and academia, YouTube serves as a. Perfect platform to start spreading your unique pixie-dust. 

We have curated this list of 24 best YouTube channels that educate you in the best way possible, as a. Learner the guide will serve your purpose and as a creator, this guide can mentor you to curate your genre. By the way, starting on YouTube is seen as quite a hectic task, it comes with periods of stagnation and various dilemmas. there’s nothing illicit about relying on some certified YouTube shops to buy YouTube subscribers in the beginning days of generating. Online content. 


This article is put together to serve as a useful supplement for your growth regardless of what age you have. What career choices you might have pursued, and whether you are a creator, learner, or a mix of them both. These recommendations have everything from interesting theories to an actionable plan to achieving success. 

At each life stage, we need up-gradation, which has very little to do with what degrees you might prefer or. The level of information you already hold. 

This is a perfectly curated list of all those educational YouTube Channels that will help you elevate your mindset and enhance your awareness like a Pro! 

Without any further ado, let’s dive deep into these smart, evergreen learning platforms which are a step closer to you becoming super-efficient. 

    • CRASH COURSE: We are all quite familiar with the term ‘crash course’, a learning method to quickly transmit all the skills and learnings from an expert source to the learner. This channel was established in the year 2006 and ever since then has shared content over a spectrum of topics including biology, entrepreneurship, and even psychology. The channel has over a billion views, now that is what we call: Splendid. 
  • KHAN ACADEMY-: This intriguing channel provides lessons on over a hundred subjects, their key areas are general capabilities, computing, science, social matters, economics, and literature. 

Literature: Classic books and poetry.

There’s a fascinating virtual representation of the subject matter that further helps one to extract the most out of every informative video. 

  • ALI ABDAAL -: Ali started his channel as a medical student sharing his journey at Cambridge University, apart from being someone who made it to such a prime institution, he is furthermore, a tech-savvy, productivity expert and a book lover at the same. You’ll get giant chunks of some amazing ideas from his channel especially if you want to turn your side hustle. Into a mainstream career. 

  • If your curious mind is constantly roaming around the whys, how’s, and what’s about the Earth, this fascinating channel probably. Holds the key to your heart They have a video covering each possible query about Earth that has been discovered so far. What’s the secret of Deep Water bodies, How much capacity does Earth have left to hold humans and what are. The speculations around all these environmental buzzwords we hear about. If you want to turn your 4-minute break into an interesting informative session, this is probably the best way to go about it. 
  • garyvee: WHO HASN’T HEARD OF OUR Wine Boy, Gary Venerchuck. He’s an entrepreneurial spirit and author of books like Crush It, Crushing It, and Twelve and a Half, where he. Teaches about business ethics and the virtual world of corporate governance So far he has helped over 1000 labels to. Turn their sole business into a million-dollar firm He helps build digital assets with so much ease and his expert. Advice to young entrepreneurs is just a CHERRY ON THE TOP! 
  • THINK MEDIA: Think media brings to you multiple tech reviews and camera tutorials to grow your own YouTube channel and technical skills in general. Recently they have launched a Marketing podcast known as “Think Marketing Podcast” where they talk about many topics like advertising. Media campaigns, paid sponsorship, and weekly courses about the digital world Overall, you need to awaken your tech giant within. And follow this channel to stay super connected to an ever-updating environment. 
  • THE FINANCIAL DIET: The Financial Diet is the go-to place if you want to learn about personal finance and money matters in a fun way. The videos usually talk about money, lifestyles affecting our financial habits, and how to redesign your financial mindset without making. A huge deal out of it The channel is credible and holds all the right solutions to your day-to-day issues. 


These YouTube channels will prove to be a kick-start door to your journey towards becoming that one person in a. Group, everybody listens to. They will help you build authority and credibility among your peers if you stay open to learning from them. 


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