10 Secret Windows features you wish you knew earlier

by Umair Ahmad Khan

Microsoft Windows is arguably the most used operating system in the world. With its easy to use navigational system and huge compatibility, Windows is used almost everywhere. However, there are few hidden features in windows most users do not know about and after using these you will wish that you should have known about them much earlier.

1. God Mode:

What if Windows let you quickly access administrative tools, backup and restore options and other important management settings from a single window? If that sounds good, look no further than the so-called “God Mode.”

Enabling God Mode:

God Mode Control Panel

To enable God Mode or access God Mode folder, you need to be using the computer with administrator access privileges. Then:

STEP 1: Create a new folder on desktop.

STEP 2: Rename that folder to “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} ” and the folder will change its icon to Control Panel’s icon.

STEP 3: Double Click and Open it and access all settings in one glance.

2. Memory Diagnostic Tool:

This tool actually works outside the windows. To use it go to search bar and type ” Memory Diagnostic Tool” and open it. Your computer needs to be restarted if you want to use this tool. When you do decide to use it. It will restart your computer and check your Memory or RAM for any issues.

You should not have to use this tool. However, if Memory Diagnostic Results show any issue, the only solution is to buy a new RAM. Still, this tool is very beneficial for diagnosing RAM issues because RAM issues are very hard to detect. There is no error message that exists that says your RAM is damaged, instead you will get random blue screens or corrupted files etc. But with Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool, you can easily detect if there is any RAM issue.

3. Using USB Flash Drive as RAM:

Do you know that you can use your USB flash drive as RAM? If not, don’t worry because you are in the right place. In order to use your USB Drive as RAM, follow the following steps:

  1. Delete everything that is on the USB Drive.
  2. Right Click on USB Drive icon and Click “Properties”
  3. Click on the “ReadyBoost” tab.
  4. Select “Use this Device” Option and using the slider select the size of USB Drive’s capacity to be used as RAM.
  5. Click Apply and you are done.

4. Secret Start Menu:

Start Menu has gone down in quality since windows 8, but if you right click on the start menu in windows 10 or 8, you can get to a new start menu which contains direct shortcuts to many of the useful locations like Apps and Features, Mobility Center, Power Options and many more.

5. Storage Manager:

Storage Manager (not its actual name) only exists in windows 10 probably. For this:

  1. Click on Windows Settings button, the gear icon in start menu.
  2. Then Click on “System” and then select Storage Tab.
  3. This shows some information about your various drives. But if you click on any of the drives, it will give you more info on which type of files are taking up your space and you will get a better idea of where all your free space went. And if you further click on files type icons, it will show the respective files of that type in your computer and their size information as well.

6. Windows Remote Assistance:

This tool makes it possible to either get assistance or give assistance remotely to someone who is having trouble in their windows computer. To get to it, you can search “Remote Assistance” from start menu and click “Invite someone to connect to your PC for help or offer help” from the search results. Results might differ on basis of version of windows. And in the next it asks whether you need help or you want to give someone else help and it will guide you through it then. Easy Peezy.

7. Step Recorder:

You can get to this by simply searching for steps recorder. Its purpose is simple. if someone is having trouble with their computer like some error message and your verbal explanation is not enough for them to get through that error, you can emulate that error on your computer and record the steps to solve that problem and will generate a page of screenshots with description of what you did and then you can show that page to other persons, so that they can solve their problem easy.

8. Malicious Software Removal Tool:

You can get to it by searching “mrt” in the search bar. However, it is not a full fledged antivirus tool. It updates along with windows periodic update and also does not automatic scans. It only scans when you tell it to. It will search for common viruses and will remove them if it can. But still, not a replacement for your antivirus software.

9. Shake:

Now, Shake is not its official name. Infact, it has no name. But still is a very useful feature. Now, if you have too many windows opened randomly on your computer and quickly want to arrange all of them. What you can do is that you click on top of one window and while left click button you shake that window over all other windows and it will automatically arrange all other windows behind that window.

10. Hidden Game Bar:

This is a good tool for gamers. In order to open it, you only need to press Win+G and game bar will appear on screen. With this you can take screenshots of game, record your game and even broadcast easily.


Now, most of you might already knew about majority of these features but still i hope you have atleast learned something new about windows 10.

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